Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you make your daily chores/work meritorious? – Divine Discourse Summary – Vishu Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – April 15, 2019

True prayer is that which is selfless in nature; it just does not pray for itself, but it prays for everyone. So, let us not just pray for ourselves on this Vishu day, let us pray for the entire Vishvamu on this Vishu. Let whole world be happy, let everybody be having happiness, health, prosperity and bliss. If you want the year to be happy, you have to do happy things, good things to be happy. By doing good deeds, you will not meet bad results and by doing bad deeds, you are not going to get good results. What is a good deed one may ask. The deeds that are selfless in nature are good deeds. 

If you do your work as worship to God and offer to God at the end of the day all that you have done, that work becomes worship and so it becomes selfless. If you think that your family is nothing, but a family given by God and you are looking after the people of God, the family of God, then that thought also becomes selfless and your work also becomes selfless. And ultimately even if you have to feed yourself, dress yourself, look after yourself, if you think this is the temple of God, God is the resident of this temple; therefore, I have to look after the temple, I have to feed the body, I have to look after the body, then even that becomes selfless and does not remain selfish. Therefore, what you do depends on your attitude, your feeling behind the work. If you think in a godly way, in a divine way, everything that you do becomes selfless, everything becomes a meritorious deed. That is the way we must think on this day and all through the year. ‘O Lord, You have blessed me with another day, another year to live for You. Give me the Buddhi, the understanding that I must live every day, every moment in service to You.’ 

See, ups and downs will come, that is the part of the world, that is the way life has been created. You must accept it with Samabhavam, with equanimity. When we do everything for God’s sake, whatever good or bad happens, everything we accept as God’s Prasadam and we are always in the state of equanimity, equality, we don’t swell up in good times, we don’t shrink in bad times. Seeing this equality, this equanimity in our lives is true Vishukani. So as this year begins, let us all determine, let us all decide that we shall only think good, speak good and act good. This way our year will be good and when we are good, the whole world is good. Let all of you enjoy a very prosperous, happy, healthy, blissful, divine year by doing good deeds, by thinking good thoughts, by speaking good words.