Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How does listening to the glories of the Lord benefit us? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 21, 2017

To listen to the glories of the Lord is a great fortune. Listening to the glory of the Lord has been praised as the finest kind of devotion. By just listening to the name of the Lord, one can attain the highest. It is indeed your good fortune that you are able to listen to this great epic of Bhagavatham. When you listen to Bhagavatham, you become better. Shravanam or listening is the first step. After that, Mananam – contemplation on what you have listened to – is extremely important. After contemplating on the meaning of what you have heard, you must also put it into practice – that is called Nidhidhyasanam. Therefore, Shravanam, Mananam, Nidhidhyasanam – all these three are very important to truly benefit from all that you are listening to today.

To escape from this cycle of death and birth which is of extreme pain and sorrow, one must engage oneself in good deeds like listening to the name and the glory of the Lord. Because this world is temporary, because this world is full of sorrow, leaving all this, remember Me –  that is what Lord says.

(In your youth), you have tremendous strength of the body, sharpness of the mind, purity of the heart – using all these three, head, heart and hand, you must remember the Lord.  Don’t waste your childhood in mere games and youth in the pursuit of paltry pleasures. For, when the old age comes, all that you will be left with will be worries about your own health. They won’t think of the Lord; they will be only worrying about themselves. Nobody has time to remember God. Think of what has been told to you, what you have listened to and contemplate on it. That is most important.

 This will give you purity of heart. that will give concentration of mind. If the heart is impure with ill feelings, mind can never have concentration. But if you have purity of feelings, mind will always have very good concentration. What you are doing in one hour you will be able to do in ten minutes because of the concentration of mind. All these activities of spiritual nature give us purity of heart, give us concentration of mind. The one who has Bhakti – devotion will have Shakti, Yukti, Mukti – everything. You will be strong in your body- Shakti- because you will not waste your time and energy in wasteful things. With concentration of mind that comes out of Bhakti, yukti will come – intelligence will come, you will become intelligent, your intellect will become sharp and bright. That is how you finally attain realisation too. The one who has learnt this knowledge of Bhakti has learnt everything. That, attaining which, a person can attain satisfaction, all kinds of powers and even immortality