Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How does Swami answer people’s prayers? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Kharghar – November 27, 2019

To serve the society, to make the society better is all that we should think, speak and do all the time. The most beautiful sight is a child smiling. The most beautiful sound is a child giggling. And the most beautiful touch is the tender hold a child, a new-born on your finger. At the same time, the most pitiful sight is a hapless father, unable to do anything for its child. The most painful sound is the cry of a mother who is unable to see her child die and the most difficult hold is the stranglehold of death over a child’s tender neck. Today the world is richer by 100 plus beautiful children smiling, 100 plus beautiful children giggling, I can hear it all from the first floor, they are all playing there and holding on to this dear life with great joy and hope.

And our big debt of gratitude to every single person right from the surgeon to the cleaner, house-keeping, to the cooks to the nurses, receptionists, the cardiologists, the paediatricians, the nutritionist, the construction team, the trustees, the patrons from around the world – to all of them, the world owes gratitude for having restored 100 plus children back into their mothers’ arms, out 100 plus children back on to their fathers’ shoulders, back into the hands of their brothers and sisters. It is a great celebration because we are celebrating 100 plus birthdays as we celebrate the first birthday of Sanjeevani Hospital. Hundred dreams have been given wings today. And they will all take to the skies and they will do so much for the world and for themselves and their families in times to come. This is our belief that we should leave the world behind better than what we received from our elders, from our forefathers. Our children should have a better world, a better hope, a better life.

Once again, we thank the team for doing such diligent work, such pure-hearted, such selfless work for the sake of others. And at the same time, our gratitude to all the patrons who have come from around the world. It doesn’t take them even a minute. Once a word is spoken, once the command comes from Swami, they are all there to do whatever Swami wants, wherever He wants, however He wants. Whomever you pray to, all prayers reach the same; whichever post-box you put, it ultimately reaches the GPO; like that, all the prayers made to any God ultimately reaches Swami and He has no choice but to answer those prayers. And the only way to answer these prayers are like this: through each one of us. May we continue to serve the society selflessly. May more and more children get this new lease of life in these hospitals. May all of us put our shoulders, hands together and continue and only increase the work that we are doing.