Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How does the strength of God multiply? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Palwal – November 26, 2019

I was told as we arrived, by the team of doctors. that they have done 3000 procedures over here and that is an average of 1000 procedures a year they are doing which is very very commendable. 3000 is just not a number. Behind every single number there is the pain of the mother, there is the worry of the father, there is the anxiety of the grandparents, there is the concern and fears of their siblings and of course, there is a beautiful, innocent, pure life at stake. So, each number means so much to this country and to the world. I am sure this number is going to only multiply with every passing year. For Baba the whole world is a family. Every single child is His very own. And He says the child is not the responsibility of the parents alone, it is the collective responsibility of the entire society.

This is Baba’s wish that this institution must grow into an educational institution which is going to house its own specialised, integrated post-graduate paediatric cardiac program in which there will be surgery, anaesthesia, there will be cardiology and other related fields. There are very few institutions that provide this facility. That is all the way end-to-end till the paediatric cardiac sciences. Stanford has a programme like this and they designed it particularly in order to help people directly get into paediatric cardiac not to go through the general surgery and then the cardiothoracic and then finally come to specialisation of paediatric which will take nine to ten years whereas this we want to put it together in five to six years kind of a time-frame and allow children, allow doctors to train directly into paediatric cardiac sciences. That is the way forward.

What has never been done, to do is human endeavour; what has never been thought, to think about it is human endeavour; what has never been said, to say about it, to talk about it is human endeavour. And Sanjeevani’s endeavour has always been that – to think the unthought, to do the undone, to say the never said. And this is what is going to be the way forward for Sanjeevani Hospital to set up their own integrated peadiatric cardiac sciences programme at post-graduate level. The strength of God multiplies with each one of us doing our bit in this mission of service. There might be more professional, more experienced doctors but our doctors, the kind of dedication, the kind of love, compassion, competence, experience that they have, there is none to match them in the world. That is the aim of Sanjeevani to not just create a congenital disease-free Palwal or Haryana or India, but a congenital heart disease-free world is our vision. And we are working towards it. And I am sure with Baba’s blessings, we will succeed.