Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How is education making man selfish? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 05, 2018

Education’s goal has become money-making and not man-making any more. And educational institutions have become business centres where education is being sold and bought on a daily basis. And this rampant selfishness is the cause for decline of peace, decline of harmony in the world today. This trend must change. Education which is given free, which is given with love, that inculcates human values in the hearts of the children will bring gratitude in their hearts. And when the child learns that all this was possible because of the sacrifice and contributions of many more in the society, the child will also develop gratitude for society and will do his duty when he grows up. Selfishness will be destroyed, and it will be replaced with selflessness and every child who has become a good educated person, would think how I can help ten others in order to get this kind of right education. What is the use of education which has made (people) so selfish that they have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the sufferings and sorrow of their own fellow men? Therefore, such education is no education at all.

Education should transform one person from human to divine. We are born just as animals; in fact, the animal children are better than the humans because they are born, and they start walking and do everything on their own whereas a human child requires lot more help for years. However, as we grow we learn to live in the society and then we are educated, that is how we become human. However, education must not stop there. It must rise the human consciousness to the divine level where every man feels a brother in another man, a sister in another woman and feels the whole world is one family, all are children of God. It is with a dream that such a world would be possible if education is made free, is made available in equal measure to all those who can afford and who cannot afford in the right way that we have started institutions all over Karnataka and it is spreading now, reaching the boundaries of Karnataka to other states. 

It is My aspiration that our children from this batch as they grow up and finish their degrees and post graduations, they will take upon themselves this great task of bringing the light of education to more corners of Karnataka and the world where there is a dire need. And to all the parents who are here, it is My sincere request that they must not think of their children as just for themselves but think of them as members of the society who have a duty to deliver for the welfare of the entire mankind.