How should Sai alumni use their time? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 30, 2017

It has been driven into the minds of young and old that they are merely this body-mind complex and need to fulfill the desires that arise out of this temporary body. Man is only failing in achieving this. He is unable to realise that these pleasures that arise out of satisfaction of the senses are very temporary in nature and though they give you some kind of happiness for a while, they fade away in no time. He thinks happiness is in the objects of the senses, the material world, in the name, fame, position, power and all such things but finally he takes refuge in God. At the old age when the senses are giving way and body is shaking and shivering all the time, when the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and teeth cannot do what they need to do, he has finished his lifetime on earth and must be born again into ignorance and go through the same cycle once more.

But you all students are very fortunate. Not only are you being taught what is needed to live a comfortable life in this world but also what would it take for you to finally realise your own Divinity and be in a permanent state of bliss, which is unshakable. Put into practice even one teaching, and it will yield the results and then you will truly understand the joy that lies within.  What it takes for most to understand after many decades, you are able to understand in barely a few years of your life here. How fortunate are you! Can you ever describe this fortune in words?

Develop this confidence that we are God or Divinity. To all the alumni boys and girls, this is my call!  Grow up to become like Me. You are unlimited, you are infinite, you are eternal! You are not born to be bound and live a limited life of sorrow and misery. You are born to lead a life like that of Swami – free and blissful. Once and for all, break this chain of birth and death and free yourself forever. If you are not going to do it now, then when? If you are not going to do it here, then where? This is the best time, this is the best place, this is the best situation to achieve this. Having lost this, you will not gain it back again. With Lord by your side and your efforts in your hands, anything is possible. Believe in it! Be always at the service of your fellow beings, may you truly be called the children of Swami, children for Swami and grow to become Swami.