Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How should we perceive this world? – Kumbh Mela 2019 – Divine Discourse Summary – January 26, 2019

Mind is responsible for one’s own liberation and one’s own bondage. It is in one’s own hand. World has been created to distract. That is the purpose of the world. Everything in the world is to distract man from God. Some phones that are today they distract in a way, there were other things in the past that distracted too, there will be things in the future also that will be even more distracting than this. It is the mind that is responsible for everything because mind has been created to only look outwards. It cannot turn inwards. Turning inwards is all the effort that we need to make. World is for us to use, world should not use us, we are not here to be consumed by world, we are here to consume the things in the world for our spiritual growth. The purpose is to realise my divinity and anything that comes in its way, anything that distracts us from this path, does not allow mind to turn inwards must be avoided. 

How the mind will become pure? When thought, word and action become one. Think pure, think divine. When your thoughts are pure, your words are pure. When your words are pure, your actions are pure. Unity of thought, word, deed will lead to purity of mind. Purity will ultimately lead to Divinity. Out of 400 Rishis who have contributed to the Mantras in the Veda (,) at least 25 of them were women Rishis who have received these Mantras. Vedic tradition never said that women should not chant, only men should chant; in men also, those who are Brahmins alone should chant. It was never the thought of the Veda. Chant it with Shraddha then you benefit from it. 

This India’s land is so sacred. It should be some great fortune to be born in India. Even if you are born as an insect in India, it is better than being born elsewhere as even a king. Timeless, ageless culture this. That is the basis of India. These are the festivals, these are the occasions when we can come back, think about it, remind ourselves not merely of our privilege of having been born here but also our responsibility to carry this forward, to take this forward to the next generation and the next and the next so that this Parampara never dies,  it remains Sanatana, it remains eternal. That is very very important. This is the place where people are mad after God. This is our culture. Everything else has to reorganise itself around this thought that God is the topmost priority in life. Everything else should adjust. After that, everything will fall in place.