Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How should you go back from Rishikesh? – Divine Discourse Summary – Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh – November 30, 2019

What to do with this life is something that God teaches us. Life is given by Him. Even if we end up not using it correctly, He says, “There is a Divine insurance, Divine assurance”. “Okay, you did all rights and wrongs in your life. So be it. Now leave everything behind”. “Come to My feet, come to My refuge, take shelter at My feet. Even if you have gone astray, even if you have done wrong, even if you did not leave it or use it the way it was supposed to, don’t worry. See the compassion of God. Way of God is, “All right, I give you. You deserve, you don’t deserve – I don’t calculate. Out of My love, I share. This life I give you.” “But I will teach you Mumukshatvam too. How to use this life for the pursuit of that highest goal where you can be no problem person?” You are not a problem to others, others not a problem to you anymore. So, you become such a person. You put some sincere effort, Shraddhavan, some Shraddha, you have put some effort, I will bless you more than what you deserve because I don’t have that calculation.”

If you just know that it is God alone who talks, thinks, acts through us, everything will become naturally Divine. Spirituality is so simple. First to believe that you are Divine and your thought, words and actions should accordingly flow. That is all is required. True home is where your heart is. And you have all given away your hearts to God. So, this is where God is, this is where thousands have given their hearts away to God. They have given away their hearts to God here in this land of Devabhumi, in this sacred land by the banks of Mother Ganges. So, this is where the true home is. It is truly a joy coming here every time.

From Svartha we come to Parartha, serving others and from there we reach Paramartha. So, let that name Parmartha always be in our minds that we are here for doing Parartha so that we attain Paramartha. When we go back from here, we should go back as – that ‘Be Divine, do Divine’ feeling. To experience that love. This is something that is available only with God. He will give you if He wants to give you. He will give you on His own out of His compassion, out of His grace. And that love we experience here. That is why we come running all the way. And that should be our way of life. Wherever we are, we should be the beacons of love. We should carry this love wherever we go. We can do good to the world, good to ourselves, good to everyone who we come across.