Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to achieve Swami’s mission of world transformation through His students? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Gulbarga, Karnataka – August 17, 2019

Love all, Serve all. In love we find ourselves, in serve we find ourselves. And that is the way our mission, our work should proceed too. The Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence is not merely an institution. It is a mission of transformation. How do we transform? First, we transform ourselves into better human beings, Divine beings and through our life, we transform others too. This is as simple as that. The children who are to come out of the university were only supposed to be the messengers of God who will take this message of India, the spiritual heritage and idea of India, to the whole of the world. This is the path that will take you to God and through you thousands and thousands of children will also be, humanity will also go towards God.  

Nowhere in the world, nowhere in the world do you find children like this driven by this great love for God and passion to serve humanity, ready to sacrifice their own selves for the sake of others at this age, nowhere in the world. You (students who are future teachers) should be able to take up all tasks all by yourself. The amount of work that they have to do in that academics just form 10 or 15% of their overall training in our university, rest of it comes by various liaisoning, government work, construction, hostel management, accounts and finance, human resource management, people management, parents-students issues. All variety of works. Vendor management, purchases. One and the only purpose with which we started the university is to produce educators, academicians, teachers at all levels from the high school level to the PUC level to the college level.

Truth is that this is a time-bound assignment. Everything has to be time-bound. And once the time passes, the same thing cannot happen. So, this effort is extremely important to be put at this point in time and if we for some reason are not able to put, it may take a few centuries before somebody like this comes on this earth again. Let Me tell you if our country falls in its place where it belongs, whole world will be redeemed. The truth is that only us with this tremendous intent alone can achieve this transformation of the world. Otherwise nobody else. Everything will happen if we keep ourselves pure and selfless, all will happen. (The students) should be happy. When they are happy, they believe that they will be happy for ever in this mission, then only they will join the mission. Inspire these children to have that confidence that if they work in the mission, the mission will work for them. Let them work for the mission and the mission will work for them all their lives. Inspire them and make them confident.