Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to develop Morality in Society – Summary of Divine Discourse on 03 May, 2016

Due of the lack of love for God, there is no fear of sin in mankind. When we have such men and women, how can we achieve peace and harmony in the world? In this world there are three things: love for God, fear of sin, and morality in society.

Everybody tries to improve the moral standards in society, bring about morality in society but not many people know how this can be achieved. For morality in society, the basis is fear of sin in individuals. Fear of sin is the feeling and conviction that says if you do wrong things you will get wrong results. Therefore, we should not do wrong things. Following morality should not be because of punishment that courts may punish us. Anybody who does good things will never get bad results. Similarly, one who does bad things will never get good results. Only when we know that all the actions we do will bring us results, can we develop fear of sin.

What is really the basis of fear of sin? It is love of God. Because we love God, we know that God is in everybody, we should realise that whoever we harm, we are harm God. God is nothing but reflection, reaction, resound. For those who do good things, God will bestow only good things upon them. If we want to really develop and cultivate morality in society, it is necessary that we develop in children fear of sin and not fear of God. God only can give us results for what we do, nothing more nothing less; but if we have true devotion and sincerity, maybe God can give us some grace marks. We have to teach children that we can’t hide anything from God. Therefore, only when we cultivate love for God, we can develop morality and fear of sin in society.

The only way to revive the glory of this great country of sacrifice, yoga and divinity is to build more and more educational institutions. We can do it only when we get the right kind of teachers. All of you should know that you are doing a very sacred job. Your work itself is worship. You don’t need to do any other sadhana. When you do your work with a sacred feeling and devotion, that itself becomes a sadhana. Don’t think that you are a small teacher. Not only are the Father and Mother treated as Gods, even the Teacher is treated as God. You should know that your job is absolutely divine. Today you are sowing seeds that will eventually grow into big trees that will give shadow and fruits to thousands of people. Whether we continue or not, our work will remain permanently. The kind of good work we do will lead us to immortality.