Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to die as a God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Bhoomi Puja of Kripashraya, Anandashraya, Premashraya, Sevashraya – August 21, 2019

In all possible fields of life, God must come to that person in the form that is most needed. Only when stomach is full, we are educated, we are clothed, we have a shelter, we have a home, a family, a respectable job, a good work to do in the society, will we be ready to listen to God, to receive what God has actually come to give. The one who has done some good deed in some past by virtue of which such a man or woman or a child or elderly person has turned towards God. However silly, small or insignificant the reason may sound, we should thank our fortune that we have turned towards God, we didn’t turn away from God towards others, so you all are very very blessed.

Serve God by serving the poor and God will look after all our problems, our needs, our requirements, our family, all our issues. Not only in this world. Iha para. In other world also I will look after their highest welfare. This is the assurance Paramatma gives, Krishna gives. All work has to be worshiped. Every work should lead us to God. All work does not lead us to liberation. The work done selflessly, the work done with great devotion, with great surrender and sacrifice alone leads us to liberation. Otherwise it binds us. Our life has been given, all our knowledge, skill, Shakti, samarthya, buddhi, vidya, all that has been given to you be some use to God, to serve God. Not to serve ourselves; serve God. How do we serve God? By serving everyone – poor, especially the poor and the needy, you serve them. And what about you? Don’t worry.

To serve with complete mind and heart; everything else, God will look after. With that feeling we must serve in these institutions, set an ideal, set an example for everybody else to follow. These institutions, this organisation, this Ashram, all associated activities must set an example in every field of how the rest of the world should lead their lives. God is everywhere.  Let us not forget that He will provide for whatever we require. Much beyond what we can do for ourselves. Let us give up all selfishness, give up all these worries about one’s own welfare, think of God. No agitation, no anger. See this is so simple. If you want to make life simple, it is so easy. Just serve God. Serve in all especially those who need our help and God will look after everything. Because once you lead that life, all these children will take example from you. They will also follow you. And that is how they will also lead this life. Everybody should change their work into worship and thereby reach God. That is our path, very simple path, I to We To He. You are born man but you should die God.