Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to get out of cycle of birth and death?

The love of the Gopis of the Vraja is the highest, is the ideal one: so said even Narada. Having attained such a devotion, one becomes completely satisfied, contented. Such a person has attained everything and there is nothing more to be attained. And, at last, he becomes immortal. Every desire that we entertain, every action that we undertake, they are definitely  going to have reactions, there is not doubt about it. This is law of the universe. How is it going to end, how is this cycle going to be disrupted and we can liberate ourselves? That is where Bhakti or love for God comes as a solution. Just the way the lotus flower grows in the water but does not allow the water to stick to it, likewise the person who is suffused, is immersed in Bhakti would not allow the world to settle on him.

Not only it will not allow the action reaction to stick to us today but even those of the past once offered to God with love, will vanish. When you keep doing things out of devotion for God then all the actions are offered to God, the reactions are also naturally offered to God. Therefore, devotion is the surest and the fastest way to get out of this cycle of birth and death which is caused by our actions and their reactions. The best thing to do is to have a Purvatapa when you realise that I have to offer this to God after doing it, so let me not do a thing which is not good to be offered.

True repentance after having undertaken an action and offering it to God or thinking of the consequences of such an action whether it will be worth offering to God, either ways you will be able to get rid of the consequences. Like Arjuna, your mind should consult Krishna who is the heart and this is the conversation that should happen between the mind and the heart. After receiving the answer from the heart that whether it is good for everyone, whether this is righteous, whether it is going to take us closer to God, we must undertake the action. All the time if you love God and you think of God and do everything for the love of God, then there is no question of you doing wrong things in the first place and by chance if you have done wrong also, you will be able to with repentance offer it to God and escape the consequences. Like the Gopis and Gopalas of the past, may you all develop such unsullied pure selfless devotion to the Lord and with that be of service to Lord and others and thus get out of this cycle of birth and death and become immortal.