Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to know if we are getting closer to our divine self? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – July 28, 2019

The primary purpose of God descending as man is to help man realise and remember that man himself is God. If man remembers anything else other than the truth that he is verily Divine, then it is as good as a man who has forgotten who he is and what his name is. If I call this boy and say, “What is your name?” if he says, “I have forgotten my name,” to Me, a man thinking he is not God is equivalent to that. All that He does, speaks or thinks is only to find ways to help man realise this truth that he is none other than Divine. It is out of this primary purpose of reminding man of one’s own Divinity that all other activities are done by an Avatar. If all that we do – open schools, colleges, hospitals, Seva centres, spiritual centres do not lead to one realising one’s Divinity, then all these activities are a sheer waste of time and energy. 

Day by day when we get closer to our own Divine self, we become more humble, we become more caring, we become more sharing, we become kinder, we become more loving. That is how we know that we are getting closer to our Divine self. Tomorrow exam is about becoming Divine, today you are busy being human or an animal, even worse; how will you pass the exam? So, these opportunities are only to develop Divinity within ourselves. All of us are pieces of stone on the way to become an idol. Somebody is closer to the finishing, somebody is just starting, somewhere in the middle. Kalenatmani vindati With time everybody will reach, with time everybody will become the same. Those who surrender more, they will reach faster. Those who have ego and attachments, they will struggle, it will take time. Some stones are very hard; very difficult to chisel them. Some are easy; we can carve them faster. It all depends on you. Guru is the same, His grace is equal, His grace is boundless.  

Dear students, staff, teachers, members of the Trust and all other devotees and volunteers who are associated with this mission, to all of them, this is one and the only appeal, a message and those who have humility, an order – that work towards realising this. There is Divinity within yourself. That is the one and the only purpose of why you are here. And everything else should support you in achieving that. Only through this sacrifice of ego and attachments, giving up of that can we attain immortality, can we attain Divinity. Be good students. Learn quickly. Only when you do what I say that you show real respect to Me and My words. Ensure that I don’t have to repeat Myself again on this subject ever.