Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to make Swami to take care of us forever? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 15, 2020

This is my promise, this is my pledge, this is my vow. Even once anybody says, “Swami, I belong to You,” Swami will look after them as His own forever, not just once, just because you said it once. I keep up that promise forever. It is My pledge. I don’t break My vow, My promise. You may break. That is up to you. But once I have said I will take care; I will always take care. Even once, in a moment of devotion and surrender, you say, “I belong to You,” that is enough for the rest of your lives and the lives to come, you are under the care of Swami. And because you are there, all your family, everyone is under the care of Swami. But to experience this blessing, much depends on you than Me.

The way you think of Me, that is the way you experience Me. Think of as a mother, you will experience the mother’s love; you think of as father, you will experience father’s protection; if you think of Me as a friend, you will get a friend’s companionship; if you think of Me as your guru, you will get the guidance that you need; if you think of Me as God, you will experience My presence within and without. So, it all depends on how you look at Me.

For My institutions, students come but they never leave. They are always with Me; I am always with them. And because I consider them as My very own, not just students in the institutions but My very own, therefore, this relation, this connect. I may not even speak to everyone. It may not be possible. Yet everyone knows in their own hearts, ‘Swami cares for me, Swami loves me, Swami will look after me; in fact, Swami is the only one beyond all our relationships who will be with me.’ That faith, that conviction, that devotion they develop is because they experience something which they don’t find anywhere else. I want you to understand that now you are no more a student who comes and leaves; once you come, you never leave because you are always a part of Me, always a part of this great work in some way or the other, somewhere or the other. So, this privilege, this blessing is yours. Out of billions of people, a few hundreds were here who have this opportunity, this blessing to be ever mindful, be ever grateful, be ever careful not to squander it away but to use it well for your benefit, for the welfare of your families and for the greater good of the world at large.