How to make the world happy again? – April 20, 2017 – Divine Discourse Summary


How to make the world happy again?

Men and women who live with the feeling ‘only this person belongs to me, the others don’t belong to me’, who lead their lives with this kind of narrow-mindedness, can’t really be called human beings. In fact, those people who always live in this kind of narrow-minded feeling and work with that kind of attitude, are worse than animals. For broad-minded people, the whole world is their family. Those people who develop this kind of broad-mindedness and consider everybody as their own, are truly divine.

The people of Bharat recognised the oneness of the whole existence and therefore, they prayed to God ‘Let everyone in the world be happy’. Only in India people prayed for the well-being of the whole world.

The truth is whenever people suffer in the society, it is our duty that we pray for everybody. Wherever I go, I give only one message. Punya or merit is helping others; sin or Papa is hurting others. Real Punya or merit is to love everybody and through that we can love God and reach God. We should not get into negative thoughts. We should be always surrounded by positive things: think positive, feel positive, speak positive.

Our Dharma is the Atma Dharma or the Hrudaya Dharma or the Dharma of heart or Prema Dharma. Whatever others may speak of, we should always follow our Dharma of love. We have to practise Prema Dharma, we have to love everybody, serve everybody, and we should not criticise and ridicule anybody. A little practice of this Prema Dharma or Hrudaya Dharma will protect us from the worst.

I would feel fulfilled only when you really become men and women of sacrifice and service. We should serve others, love others and fill the whole world with happiness. When you do everything with a pure heart, it will become very sacred.

When you grow old and your limbs are weak and you can’t do anything physically, you pray for everybody’s welfare. Therefore, here afterwards, before Bhajans for ten minutes you utter this Mantra ‘Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu’. When people get together and pray together with this prayer, it is going to create wonderful vibrations. It is not just uttering through the lips but it should be from the heart.

When you go and see in Europe, you find refugees from other countries. I feel very sad that even people coming from many well-to-do families, have lost everything and become refugees. Being here, what is it that we can do for them? We should fill our hearts with selfless love and pray for them and develop the faith that God will help them. You should pray in your heart, and serve with your hands. When you do this, the whole world will again be full of happiness and peace.