Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to Overcome the Tragedies of Humanity Caused by Selfishness? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 26, 2017

In this creation which has emanated with the only motivation of love of God, we find only love everywhere. The whole creation is there only to serve others and help others. Except man, in the whole of creation, every being, everything is all the time working for helping others. For all the tragedies and catastrophes that are happening in the world today, the main cause is human selfishness. Therefore, in order to solve these problems of humanity, it is only man who can solve these problems. When man develops selfless love, we can set right all the problems in the world. In fact, selfless love itself is the Divine principle. 

For all the catastrophes and tragedies that humanity is facing today, the solution has to emerge from man himself. Man should set right another man. God will guide, God will show you the way but you have to do it. For the disease of selfishness, the panacea is selfless love. It is society which is giving us education and everything. Every person should strive to set right the society. The human beings themselves should get up and set right things. Then there is a solution. Then all the problems can be solved. Among all the feelings, we have to give up the selfish feelings. That becomes sacrifice, that becomes union with God. We have to develop such sacred love. Human effort is very important. Human effort and Divine grace can achieve everything.

So many people day and night they work in order to fulfil Swami’s wishes so selflessly, that is why it happens. Don’t think that Swami just waves His hand and creates these institutions. With great effort and hardship, with great love, all these things are happening. If you want to rejuvenate, revive Indian culture, the only way is to revive spiritual education. We have to run these institutions on the basis of the principle of love for God and fear of sin and morality in society. When you have love for God, there is fear of sin; where there is fear of sin, there is morality in society. The soul of a school is not land and buildings; it is the right kind of people. Good teachers plus good students; is equal to good nation. When you have good teachers, you can train good students. Then we have good society and good nation. The first thing we have to do is to build the institutions on the basis of the Gurukula system of education. The second is we have to train the right kind of teachers. Only when we have these Gurukulas where we have the right kind of teachers, then it will achieve its purpose. We are human beings. We are Divine. Therefore, we have to do everything selflessly.