Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to purify our hearts? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 30, 2020

Though the scriptures say that God is all pervading, He permeates everything, everyone, yet the experience of God is not easily available to everyone everywhere. Definitely the fault does not lie with God, but it does lie with us who are unable to experience Divinity though it exists everywhere. The attachments and the desires that we develop in our lives are like the cataract that block our Divine vision which does not allow us to see Divinity though it is right in front of our eyes. That experience of Divinity comes from the heart. Those who are pure in their hearts, who are free from desires and attachments, only wish the welfare and good of others and bear hatred towards none, only such people are capable of experiencing the Divinity which exists everywhere including within themselves. To experience that Divinity is the purpose of life.

For that, purity of heart is important. And how can we purify ourselves? By whatever KarmaVachana and Manasa – all three – thought, word and deed if you purify, our hearts will be purified. It is so simple. Your thought, your words and your action should all be good. If that happens, heart will be pure and you will experience Divinity inside, outside and everywhere. The purpose of coming here as students or devotees or teachers and staff is not merely to do a job or to study or do some Seva. All these at the end should lead us to become purer in our hearts. If that happens then you should know that you have spent your time here well, you have benefitted from the company of good people and this good environment of the Ashram. Therefore, be mindful of what is this opportunity and how it has to be utilised every single day.

All these people who come to Me not because of anything else, it is only because they experience something which they do not experience anywhere else. Here is where you experience that purest of love which is the true form of Divinity. That is why you are drawn to this place. If you also purify your heart, fill it with such pure love without any desires, without any attachments, you will also experience God’s Divinity, God’s love everywhere and you will always be happy. Not a moment in your life will be sad. Let this be your effort from today, from this moment onwards to purify yourself of all the negativity, all desires and attachments and fill it with pure love of God and experience that everywhere. All your exams are approaching now – final exams. Do your best and leave the rest. Only after doing your best should you leave the rest. Unless you have done your best, you don’t have the right to leave the rest to God.