Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to think of god all the time? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 23, 2017

A person who does not have purity of heart, purity of mind, will never realise the Atma. First and foremost, on the spiritual path, what is required is purity of the inner being. In order to achieve this purity of mind, purity of heart, good company is very important. Only in good company you will get good thoughts. Only when you get into good company, you can attain some detachment in your life. From detachment comes a steady mind. When you have a steady mind you will attain liberation. If you want to attain salvation, liberation in your life, the first step is to get into good company.

If you want to change your qualities, it is necessary you get into good company. When you come to an Ashram like this and participate in Satsang in the company of good people, it will give you real strength. If Divine qualities have to manifest in our personality, it is necessary we get into good company. Lot of people get into good company but only their bodies are there in good company, mind is going elsewhere. The body is sitting quietly. The mind is roaming all around. If you get into a good company like this, it is of no use. Just sitting in Satsang is not good enough. The mind also should be immersed in Satsang. Therefore, it is very important, first thing is Shravana – listening, second is contemplation – Manana, and third is Nidhidhyasana – or practicing the good things.

At all places, at all times you should think of God. That is the kind of behavior you should develop. You listen to good things, think about them, contemplate on them and put into practice; then it is highly beneficial for you. 

What is VishnusmaranamAt all places, at all times, we should think of Hari, God. Today you start thinking of God, tomorrow you give it up – that is not the right way. If you are a true devotee, all the time, at all places, you should contemplate. Wherever we may be, whatever we may be doing but all the time, in our mind, we should be thinking of God. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. It is thoughts which make up the mind. When you have pure thoughts, the mind becomes pure; when you think of God, it will become God mind. The way the mind is, the body and senses behave in the same way. Suppose a potful of water, you keep it in sunlight, the water will evaporate. Potful of water, if it is kept in a bigger vessel of water, the water will remain there. That is the example of Satsang or good company.