Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How to transform our daily actions into a Yajna? – Divine Discourse Summary – Institution Day Celebrations – December 07, 2019

All our actions must be transformed into Yajna. What is the difference between Karma and Yajna? The Karma which is done with selfish desires remains Karma; which is done with selflessness in the heart becomes a Yajna. Whatever we take, whatever we receive, whatever we consume, everything when we offer to God, for the sake of God, we offer to God, all our actions become Yajna.  When we come together like this and with focused mind, with selfless prayers, we worship a particular deity, the power of this collective prayer is multi multi multifolds compared to an individual effort. This Yajna is our way of conveying gratitude to gods for all the grace that they have showered upon these institutions and all the people associated with. 

Today we performed Rudra Homa. The one who destroys our sorrows is Rudra. Ahamkara Mamakara is the cataract which does not allow us to experience the higher truths. Rudra can destroy that Ahamkara Mamakara. And once he destroys it, this vision, these truths become visible to us. When we were offering the Purnahuti, I saw a Rudra coming out of the fire and receiving it with both the hands. Rudra is dark, deep red coloured, dark red, like copper. That is why the Rudra we are building here, the Shiva statue, above, also is going to be colour of copper. This whole place is Shiva Kshetra. This is Nandishwara temple is here. Original temple is around 8500 years old. It was established by Sage Vishwamitra. This land has also been blessed by the feet of Lord Rama and Lakshmana. That is why this is a Tapobhumi, this is a PunyabhumiYogabhumi. Many Rishis are still there in these surroundings because they know that God is going to be here, God is here. They are all here in these surrounding hills though we cannot see them with our physical eyes. But as they say, Paroksha priya deva, the deities are in Paroksha rupa, the invisible form. 

In the times to come, place will grow and grow and grow in its glory. Many many people from all faiths, from all walks of life, from around the world will come here to worship Shiva. In times to come, this is going to become one of the most important spiritual centres in the world. Consider yourselves very fortunate that you have to come, you are enjoying this beautiful surroundings, this spiritual vibrations of this place. You have the guidance of such elders – Tyagajivis.  Swami’s grace is there. And you are all part of this wonderful place. You have to congratulate yourselves and you have to count your blessings. Make good use of this opportunity to study here, to learn all these wonderful rituals. Also, the spiritual aspect of these rituals. Improve yourself to become better people, to become more Divine.