Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How were the Indians so advanced in sciences in ancient times? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 19, 2018

Since ancient times, India stood for the highest kind of education. Even before the modern education dawned on the western world, the ancient Indians had understood – not only understood but practised – all kinds of knowledge, be it physical or spiritual. They knew the constellations, the stars, the size and the expansion of the galaxies, the presence of planets and also that earth was round and sun was stationary. They knew how to separate metals, how to purify them and use them for various purposes when the rest of the world did not even know that such a science existed. They even knew the knowledge, or the science of surgeries and they used very fine instruments made of metal and other such alloys to perform surgeries as complicated as eye surgeries and surgeries of internal organs.

And while they knew all this knowledge which related or pertained to the physical world, they also had the highest wisdom to understand that there is a fundamental basis to this entire creation which is indestructible Atman or Divinity. And they explained it to the world that the basis of entire creation is an unseen, invisible force which is Divinity and that is the source of everything.  One may ask, “Without the help of modern instruments, gadgets and all the available resources, how was it that Indians knew so much about the universe, so much about everything?” The answer lies in their spiritual bent of mind. Knowing which there is nothing else to be known – that is the right kind of knowledge explained the Vedas. The one who knows that basis of everything knows everything. Therefore, all their understanding of the universe and every kind of sciences and arts did not come from outside, it emanated from within. Therefore, the great scientists of India were truly Rishis or sages. 

Because of their deep understanding of their spiritual nature, the physical nature of the world became as clear to them as the back of their hands. This is the reason why Indians could reach such great heights both in the external as well as the inner knowledge so easily back then. It is to this end and purpose that Baba is going on establishing institutions one after the other relentlessly so that these institutions will rise to the occasion and impart both the spiritual as well as well as the worldly knowledge in a balanced manner. (Swami’s university) will spread its branches and get established in more than 18 countries in the times to come. I assure you that you just be with Me, you just be available, and I will single handedly lead you to the glorious future which the world has never seen before.