Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How will the Avatar’s time be used? – Divine Discourse Summary – September 06, 2018

Since time immemorial, man has been constantly in search of the Truth. He thought the objects of the senses would give him some pleasure which may remain permanent and despite several attempts, he ultimately was disappointed to realise that sense and sense objects both are temporary in nature and the pleasure that is derived out of them is also obviously not a permanent one. Because increase of consumption or experience of the pleasure derived out of senses does not necessary mean that this joy will become multiplied and remain permanent. And at that point of time, you start looking beyond what you have experienced to look for something that will give you infinite permanent eternal joy which once comes, does not diminish and does not vanish.  

Man realised that it is only one which becomes many and again these many become only one. And this way he kept on analysing what he was observing and experiencing within and without. This is called the process of Satya anveshana this is the process of seeking or researching on truth. Therefore, the first god that they could think of was nothing but a very aware and an intelligent being who could bring forth the diversity and again take it back into the oneness. Then a desire grew into their heart – May I know such a person This yearning, the deep desire to know who is that who is behind all this amazing creation which is so intelligent and aware that made these Rishis pine for such an experience or such a revelation and from a contemplation, they got into the state of meditation. And in that state of meditation, the truth was revealed to them. And when they realised this truth, they also understood its nature. 

Some of them, for the benefit of others, to incite, to increase the interest of others spoke about it and thus, Vedas came about. These Vedas were compiled over many many years by many many Rishis who kept on contributing their experiences of this truth however they perceived. If you really want to know what Sanatana Dharma is, what it stands for, what are its tenets, what is its essence, you must read Vedanta. This philosophy of Sanatana Dharma is what is dearest to Me. From the diversity, you have to reach the unity. This time of the Avatar will be completely utilised in firmly establishing this particular truth that there is only one without the second, that there is only one that permeates everything and therefore, the ultimate goal of one’s human life is to realise this oneness and redeem oneself. In times to come, the whole world – the whole world – will be transformed and will all be abiding by this philosophy of Sanatana Dharma which is what will become the basis of everybody’s life.