Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

If everybody is God, how do you deal with them? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 02, 2020

Any time you feel low, feel less in life, you must tell yourself, ‘I am one in a billion because I am putting efforts to know God whereas most of them don’t.’ See, you are special, you must congratulate yourself, you have at least taken to this path. Every journey begins with one step. As long as you keep walking, you will reach. You should know that you are God. There is no two ways about it. That is the magic of faith. If you believe something, you become that. If everybody is God, how do you deal with people? How do you behave? “Be good, do good.” Simple as that. How do you deal with others? You be good. Whether others are good to you or not, not necessary that you should know. Because others don’t know still that all are God. But you know. This is spirituality. Therefore, lead your life with sense of sacrifice. That is to be good. What is to be good and to do good? To serve is the sacrifice to be and do good. That is the whole essence of life too.

If you believe, you become that. God you think, God you are; dust you think, dust you are. As you think, so you become. So, belief is the first step. Whether you fully believe it or not, I said, you at least pretend that you believe, to begin with. If you pretend, you tend and then you end. So at least begin with belief. And as you keep on working on believing it again and again and doing that, you will become that. End up becoming that. That is all is spirituality. Every good is God, I say. So, do good, be good, see good; this is the way to God.

I ask for faith. That is all. I don’t ask for anything else. Faith will do the rest. To develop that kind of unwavering faith is all the Sadhana. To get the mind out of the way. To completely follow what is coming from within. That is the whole Sadhana. Get faith once in a while is not enough. You are God. You have to know that. How do I know that? By being good all the time, you become God. So simple. As God, your behaviour is the same in all situations. As human, your behaviour changes with time, place, situation. It is more complicated. To hold on to something, to cling on to something, to worry about something, to all the time think about something is difficult. To not hold on, to let go, to be free of worries, of all thoughts, it is easy, isn’t it? It is simple logic. You have to practise it day after day after day till it becomes perfect someday.