Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

In this world of duality, of joy and sorrow, how can you be happy always? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 17, 2019

This world consists of duality. If there is success on one end, there is always failure on the other side too. No one can live constantly always in happiness, always in success. They also have to face the opposites once in a while. Because that is the way the world has been created, with duality, Dvaitam. When things turn the opposite way and it is no more success, it is no more praise, people are blaming you, people are ridiculing you, how can you be happy even in that situation is the question that you must ask.  The answer to that lies only in Bhakti. A devotee is always contented, is always happy, is always satisfied with whatever happens in life. If something good happens, he attributes it to the grace and compassion of the Divine.

And when the things turn the opposite way, the person attributes even that to the grace of God saying, “God must have already reduced my troubles only to so much that I could bear and therefore, I am still grateful to God for what I have received. However, the one who is not with Bhakti but with Bhukti, the worldly feelings, would swell up in pride when things are favourable and will shrink with great dejection when things turn the other way. The only way to remain happy is to have this feeling of devotion and gratitude for God for everything that comes your way. It is devotion alone which can protect you, which can insulate you, which can make you strong enough to face all situations with a smile. Remain in good company always. Good company is God’s company. Seek out the company of noble people, of devoted people so that your thoughts of devotion and nobility do not get affected by the wrong company.

You are passing through an age which is a difficult one. Mind is extremely energetic and also very very restless. By constant practice and by detachment, one can definitely keep mind under control.” Discrimination or Viveka on one side which practising discrimination in every step of your life, whether this is something that is divine or not, will help you understand what to do and what not to do. And Vairagyena cha grihyate, by detachment when you know that this thing is not divine, this is not going to bring us good name, this is not that which will be liked by Swami, detach yourself from such things. So Viveka or discrimination on one side and Vairagya on the other side can always protect you, can keep you on the right path.  But why should you do that? So that you become dear to God, so that God loves you, God likes you.  When you become dear to God, God is always near to you, you are always near to God.