Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

In this world, who are our true relations? – Kumbh Mela 2019 – Divine Discourse Summary – January 27, 2019

Just as guide is needed in a new terrain and a new town, likewise guru is needed on this earth to tell us how to proceed in life and reach our destination. The glory of guru especially in the Indian culture is placed at the highest. Mother shows the father, father shows the guru and guru shows God. That is the way relationships are designed. Every relationship should help us lead to the next level in our life. As long as each of these relationships fulfils this ultimate goal which is to reach God, all relationships are fine, they become good relationships, they become the reason for your Mukti or liberation. But the moment attachments seeps in and each relationship does not pass on to the next one, it becomes Bandha. They become bondages and don’t allow us to move forward. 

Who is your true friend? The one who helps you go one step closer towards God. They are our true relations. They are our true Bandhus. They are our true friends. Be always in the company of such people. Satsanga is very important. Now wherever you go, try to find good company. Company of people who will help you become purer, more detached from the worldly things and more attached towards God. You have to go on finding such people and be in that company. Satsangatve nissangatvam Sankaracharya says. From the good company, everything begins. Nissangatve nischalatatvam. Nischalatatve jivanamukti, Ultimately liberation or realisation comes to you also because of good company. So find good company. That’s why I say, run away from bad company. I don’t say walk away. Run away from bad company. People who make you worldly, run away from that company. Try to be in the association of those who give you good thoughts, divine thoughts, allow you to go further in this path of God.  

In mind you must have respect. You must have reverence for these rivers and think that this is the way you can purify yourself. At least that way you should purify yourself. From our ancient Ganga cha Yamune cha Godavari cha Saraswati, when they have bath, they pray like that. Let all rivers get inside this little vessel of mine with which I am having bath. Narmada Sindhu Kaveri. All rivers they invite and in the mind, they believe that the purity of all the rivers will be there in this water. And with that if I have bath, I will be sanctified. It is all in the mind. Keep a pure mind, keep good thoughts, you will always be in Prayag. If you have not gone to Ganga Yamuna Sangam here at least cry for God and find the Sangam inside. You meet God there.