Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service



For every person there is the date of birth and also the ultimate date of death. Apart from the first date when we are born and the last day when we leave this world, there are some other important dates also. There is no way we can change our date of birth or date of death. But all other days in between, we have the capacity to change them and live in a particular way so that we realise the goal of our lives. Time is very very sacred. The importance of time is highlighted when we worship God Himself as the very embodiment of time – one who is beyond time and also who is the creator of time. After having understood that time itself is divine, wasting it is a big mistake.

Human birth is very sacred. Time given to us is very precious. We should not waste both of them. If you lose once the time that is given to us as human beings, we do not know when we are going to get it again. Therefore, when we have time still with us, we should put in efforts to know the divinity, to know the truth and to know ourselves. Most important thing in our lives is achieving unity of thought, word and deed. First and foremost, we have to develop good thoughts because it is the good thought which leads to good word and good action. You get good thoughts only in Satsang – good company. Good company in fact is in fact equal to God’s company. When we are in good company, we get good thoughts and feelings. A pure thought or a pure feeling is full of great power. First and foremost, we should run away from bad company. You should get into good company. Being in good company day and night we should involve ourselves in good activity. 

If you want to achieve the goal of human life, first thing you have to get into good company, develop good thoughts and then pursue the godly path. It is good enough to have two good friends rather than to have 100 bad friends. The time that we spend in good company is very very precious. A lot of noble men and women will speak from this platform over the next five days. You have to learn from their experiences. It is not possible for anyone to have all kinds of experiences. There are many things we have to learn from others’ experiences. We can learn from others’ experiences the kind of lessons they learnt and we should get benefited by that.