Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Is Annapoorna just a breakfast programme? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 28, 2019

The Annapoorna volunteers are very very dear to My heart because they do something which I love. As you all will understand, food is the very basic of all the necessities in life. These little children, they go to school on an empty stomach and then they have to spend the whole day studying, learning many things; how can they learn without food in their stomach? Many of them wait for the afternoon, the mid-day meal which is provided in several government schools. To such children, food every morning, fresh and hot and tasty also, is a great blessing. They may not remember all the subjects that they study in their schools, all that is taught to them by their teachers but definitely they will remember that when we were children in the school, there used to be this group of Annapoorna volunteers who were not related to us, who were not responsible for our well-being but on their own, they would come, and serve us breakfast with great love. This is one thing that they will remember for the rest of their lives. And with this, they will be inspired to help other children, other people who also need this basic necessity of life. 

I always say, the best way to serve God is to love all and serve all. And amongst them, children are the most needy. I am very happy with the Annapoorna volunteers. As I said, it is not just a mission, it is a revolution. It is a people’s revolution. It is a movement that every single person on earth should feel the pain of every other person especially the children. If these children are fed love in the form of breakfast in the morning, cared for and made feel welcome and wanted, when they grow up, they will also feel gratitude for the society.

A breakfast is not just going to help the child feed its stomach but eventually it will help the child transform himself so much that one day that child will become one amongst you, another volunteer of Annapoorna who will go in his own capacity and do whatever is best possible. Therefore, don’t just underestimate this as a small voluntary work that you go and feed and come back or you coordinate the activity but understand that what you are doing has a far bigger impact on the future of the world. Every single act of service that you are undertaking is making the world better, one child at a time. To these children, God comes as this food. And that makes them feel connected to God. You are doing very good work. You must carry on. You must inspire many more with your service and sacrifice.