Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Is seva alone sufficient for good human life? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – October 17, 2019

Our children should be in the best of the categories, they should be in the highest category of people who not just think for themselves and their family and relations but they truly consider the welfare of the entire humanity, all creation. Just noble thoughts are not enough; ability to achieve those thoughts is also important. Therefore, our children should be the combination of such noble intentions and very constructive, very purposeful actions. All this education is meant to prepare your heads and hands to become able in order to fulfil your noble intentions. Much after we are all gone, these institutions will run for eternity, perpetually because our students will rise to the occasion and take the responsibility of these institutions.                                         

We are going to design our own special programme in paediatric cardiac surgery and other related sciences, an integrated paediatric cardiac DNB programme, in our own hospital. It will have cardiac surgery, it will have cardiology, it will have anaesthesia, it will also have intensive care; four specialities will be there within paediatric cardiac care DNB programme. And our programme will provide opportunity for our children to take any of these four branches and study further, complete their course and be recognised specialists in paediatric cardiac care and they can be part of these hospitals and hospitals abroad. And they can do so much good work for the world.  For those who are interested in nursing care, there is B.Sc. Nursing and M.Sc. Nursing both in paediatric cardiac; you will be able to avail in our own hospitals. Idea is that you take this opportunity, use this opportunity well and once you are capable, you should be able to help others also gain this. ‘Only for myself, me, myself.’ That is animal feeling. To think about oneself and one’s family it is ordinary human feeling. To think about everybody as our own and work for their welfare, their happiness is Divine feeling.  You must develop Divine feelings. That should be our goal.  

Sadhana and Seva both are very important for a good human life. Some people think, if we do Seva, that is enough, that itself is Sadhana. It is not correct. Seva without Sadhana is blind, it doesn’t know what it is doing, Ahamkara will come, Mamakara will come from that Seva. Similarly, you do Sadhana but you don’t do any Seva, you will not reach your destination. So therefore, Sadhana and Seva both are important for staff, for these residents of the Ashram, for all the people – volunteers and students. Everybody must engage in both, prayers and Sadhana and Seva in their daily life. Whatever Seva you do, if it is not backed by Sadhana, if it is not purified by Sadhana, that service becomes a reason for one’s own obstruction, ego, attachments, anger, frustration, disappointments. All these come from service also if it is not backed by Sadhana