Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Is Swami’s current mode of activity the best way forward? – Divine Discourse Summary – Singapore – March 16, 2019

From the time immemorial, God has manifested Himself in mysterious ways to help, to serve, to protect, to guide and to bless His devotees. Based on the time, place and situation, God decides how, where, when, in which way, in which form He would manifest and do what is needed. So today Sai Baba comes as Shirdi Baba, somewhere deep down in a remote village in Maharashtra to teach oneness of God to the warring communities. That is the best form, the best place and the best way that He could manifest. If He comes as the bushy-haired Sathya Sai in an arid town of Puttaparthi and thereby brings water, health, education and solace to the millions of devotees, that is the best place, best way and best situation that it could happen. And now if He decides to manifest in another mysterious way without a form yet continue to do what He has got to do, travel around the world meet devotees, inspire them to take service as Sadhana in their lives and thereby find Divinity within and without, this is the best way, best place, best situation to do this. And tomorrow if He decides to manifest in yet another form which is needed for that place, time and situation, that would be the best way to do it. 

Those who simply enjoy the Leelas, those who try to understand, experience Him in the heart and rejoice in the most wonderful, inscrutable, mysterious ways of the Lord, they are the happiest, they are at peace, and they are always in a state of joy and bliss. Why, where, how God decides to come, do what He wants to do is totally God’s prerogative. And therefore, what He chooses to do, when, where, with whom, is the best way. There cannot be a better way of doing it.

(Travelling around the world), I do it for the joy of devotees. Devotees feel happy and that gives Me happiness. And to make them happy is My prime duty for God is Anandasvarupa, the embodiment of bliss and all that He does is to spread this bliss to anyone who comes close to God. People think happiness lies in things of the world. But it cannot be far from the truth. Happiness comes only when we are in touch with God, when we are in sync with God’s will, when we are obeying, when we are following God’s ways. And that lesson of happiness is what Swami has decided to teach everyone by turning them inwards, by asking them to take to this path of selflessness, by finding the true joy within. That is why all this travel and all the activities.