Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Is worldly pleasure equivalent to highest experience of God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 1, 2019

The one and the only purpose of human birth is to realise this truth, this Dharma that one is Divine. Whatever we think, we say, or we do must lead us towards this one realisation that we are Divine. Any effort put on this path to realise one’s Divinity, to know one’s truth as God is never wasted. An eager man who is always ready with all the senses under his control alone is known as Shraddhavan, he alone or she alone is capable of knowing God. Therefore, to be always ready, is one of the most important requirement for one to realise God. First, we think God is all about having good food, comfort, luxury, conveniences.

Upanishads describe what is Ananda, what is the measure of Ananda.  A youth who is able-bodied, who has no diseases, no difficulties, who is good bad not a bad youth, who is learned youth, who is intelligent, who is capable and strong, he owns the whole earth and also all the wealth in the earth – if aIl that happens, then that is one unit of Manushyananda. Hundred times you multiply this Manushyananda that is Manushyagandharvananda. Hundred times Manushyagandharvananda is equal to one Devagandharvananda. Hundred times Devagandharvananda is Pitra Chiralokalokaananda. Hundred times Pitrananda is equal to one Ajanajanadevanamananda. Hundred times Ajanajanadevanamananda is equal to one Karmadevanamananda. Hundred times Karmadevanamananda is equal to one Devanamananda. Hundred times Devanamananda is equal to one Indrasyananda. Hundred times Indrananda is equal to Brihaspatirananda. Hundred times Brihaspatirananda is equal to one Prajapatirananda. Hundred times Prajapatirananda is one Brahmananda. Trillions of time of Manavananda is Brahmananda. This is not the real measure, but it is just to give an idea how big a mountain if you only have a stone, how big is the mountain – this is just a comparison.

Then scriptures say, what is the other way to attain the same AnandaIf you realise the truth of the Vedas, and you are desireless, you have no desires, then also you can experience Brahmananda, you don’t have to do all this circus till that. The one who is without desire is also eligible for that Brahmananda. Do service, become selfless, give up desires and believe that you are God. This itself is enough for you to find redemption. You redeem yourself and help others also to redeem themselves. That is the royal, noble, divine path of these institutions of Swami that we must all follow and whatever efforts we put on this path, will never get wasted. A student will become a far intelligent student because his mind becomes pure due to knowledge of God. Spirituality makes the world even better because you can do what you do in the world in a much more efficient way, much more better way than what you would do without spirituality. Therefore, spiritual people are very successful people also.