Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Keep the Atmic light within burning bright – Summary of Divine Discourse on 04 September 2016 (Evening)

There is the flame of Atma in each of us, which is ever shining. On the spiritual path, first and foremost you have to cultivate faith. Every child comes into this world with a pure mind. But gradually, selfishness and self-interest in people around us stain us. Therefore, I tell you, “Tell me your company; I will tell you what you are.” When we are in good company, our mind will remain pure.

When we utilise this love and service to clean up our inner mind, then all the time the Atma jyothi, the lamp of the Atma, will shine bright and we will be able to experience it. One moment is enough to remove all darkness and fill our lives with light. That is the prayer: Lead me from darkness to light. From body consciousness of selfishness and self-interest, we need to move towards Divine consciousness. Inner purity, inner cleanliness is very important. The kinds of actions we should perform are those which will clean up our mind. On the glass cover of our mind, there is the lamp soot of selfishness and self-interest; which is why you are not able to experience the Atma. Therefore, you need to fill your thoughts, words and deeds with selflessness.

There may be a person who is building a house and feeling that he is building it to eke out his livelihood. Another person is doing the same job he may think that he is utilising the knowledge he gained through education and putting it to good use by serving society.  The third person will develop a spiritual feeling and feel that he is building a temple for God. The work they did is same. The action is one and the same but the inner motivation is different. As is our feeling, so is the consequence. All that you are doing you should continue to do. That is your duty, that is your Dharma.  It is a husband’s highest Dharma to look after his wife and children; for a housewife, to look after the husband and children and the family well. A part of our duty or Dharma is to look after our parents and children very well. What is important is not what you are doing but with what feeling you are doing. When you offer all your actions to God as worship, they become very pure and sacred. Whatever work we do, if we offer it to God as worship, that becomes Karma yoga. If we think like this, all actions we do will be for the purification of our mind. All actions are for the pleasure of God. We also have to give up the desire for results of our actions. Human effort is your Dharma. Whatever we get back is God’s grace. Therefore, it is necessary that we develop the feeling that ‘I have authority only in doing my actions not on the fruit thereof’. This is practical spirituality. If you follow only these two things, your life will find fulfilment.

Live with contentment and happiness; whatever God gives me is Prasada, that is good enough for me. It is a mistake to compare yourself to others. You are worried what other people will talk and think about you but you are not thinking of what God will tell you.  You need to do those things, which God likes. God should be the centre of your lives. If Sai is at the centre of your life, that becomes the Sai centre. If you give up your selfishness and self-interest and do all your actions as worship to God, that is spirituality. All your actions will become service and your heart will be filled with love and you can see the Atmic light burning bright.

We are building all these institutions to give opportunity to people to recognise their divinity. If one person changes, persons around him will change. Good company leads us to solitude; from solitude you develop detachment; detachment leads to steady mind; steady mind leads us to liberation. Be in good company all the time. All blood relationships are there only as long as blood and body are there. The relationship of love is eternal and permanent. The relationship of the Atma is always with us like our shadow. Therefore, develop with everybody this kind of selfless love. Put in effort to demonstrate and set a good example for the younger students. Wherever you are, get together and see that this Atmic feeling is steady in you. So many institutions are coming up in different corners of the state. Visit those places, enquire about the welfare of the elders there, encourage students and do some service.

Swami’s mission will flow like Ganges; nobody can stop it nor help it flow. But if we participate in His mission, we are going to get sanctified with that pure water. It is My aspiration, it is My blessing to you that all of you fill your lives with selfless love and service and thereby set examples for others in the present day society. You have to follow the Ashrama dharma. Discharge your responsibilities as good householders and then serve others as Vanaprasthas. I am starting so many institutions. I do know that all of you will be able to look after My institutions. I also know that you will safeguard My faith in you.

I reside in your heart. Talk to Me in your heart. It is heart-to-heart talk Because of the noise of desires, Swami’s voice is not heard. Keep the desires under some limit. Then you can easily get connected to Swami.

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