Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on Krishnashtami (summary) – September 5, 2015

God cannot be understood through lectures or scriptures. If Rama Navami or Krishna Janmashtami or Sathya Sai’s Janmadinotsava (birthday celebrations) are just celebrated as festivals, it is of no use. Only when we understand the divine principles that were embodied by these incarnations and understand the inner significance of their teachings, we can find our lives fulfilling.

The word Krishna has many meanings. For the ordinary, we might think that ‘Krishna’ was dark in color. Krishna’s name was not based on the body. The inner significance of His name needs to be understood. ‘Krushathi-ithi Krishna’ – One who cultivates, tills the land is Krishna. What is this land? The land that we refer here is our hrudaya (heart), as told in Bhagavad Gita. If we have to cultivate good crops, we have to till the land, remove the weeds and sow good seeds. Similarly, sow the seeds of the name of the Lord in your heart, grow the love of God, you will then be able to reap the fruit of divine bliss. Remove the six vices (desire, anger, greed, pride, infatuation and jealousy), remove the feeling of I and mine, then you will be able to reap eternal bliss.

The second meaning for Krishna’s name is,Karshathi-ithi Krishna’– The one that attracts you. Krishna has the magnetic power of Love. Through this magnetism or attraction, devotees are attracted towards Krishna. When you keep a magnet near an iron piece, the magnet attracts the iron piece towards itself. However, this attraction is not as strong, if there is rust and dust around the iron piece. Similarly, if the heart is full of ego and attachments, this attraction of love does not happen. What is the source of this rust and dust? This is the outcome of bad company, just as the rusting of iron is a result of its company of water and air.

The third meaning of Krishna is Kushyathi-ithi Krishna the one who gives Joy. Just by chanting His name, Krishna conferred bliss to Radha The bliss of Krishna consciousness was such that the Gopikas got rid of their body consciousness, and got into divine consciousness. The hearts of gopikas were sacred and pure, hence they were able to experience God’s bliss easily.

I want to give you a good news during this occasion. For Krishna, cows and cattle were very dear. Even in our Gokulam here we have cows, however, the Goshala is dilapidated and is almost collapsing. There was one boy who prayed to Me to do something for these helpless animals. It is the love reflected in that request that has moved Me and hence, I have Willed that we are going to build a very big Goshala and name it “Brindavan”. ‘Go-Samrakshana’ (protecting the cattle) is an important service. Cow is our mother. Cow gives us milk without any selfishness. Cows eat all kinds of things but finally give us pure and white milk. It is not only for its own calves, it also gives enough milk for human children.Paropakaram Artham Idam Shareeram – this body is given to us to help others. Therefore you have to not only pray selflessly, but also match your prayers with your actions.

Tomorrow we have the alumni meet of old students from various campuses such as Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan, Anantapur, Alike, Muddenahalli, Mandya and Jayapura. If the father has two children, whatever he has built, he will hand it over to them. Imagine My happiness as I have thousands of children. Due to this confidence and love, I am going to build new educational institutions for more children. The building of the infrastructure is My responsibility, but their maintenance is the responsibility of the alumni. The alumni of all the campuses have to work like five fingers of the same hand. Therefore, today you should resolve to work selflessly like how Krishna did and find fulfillment in your lives. My aspiration is that all of you will understand Krishna’s principle by practicing His teachings and enjoying divine bliss. Krishna is in everyone. Therefore, worship ‘that’ Krishna who is in everyone. Believe that He is in everyone and love everyone, only then the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami is fulfilled.