Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Listening to the Glory of God leads to Liberation – Summary of Divine Discourse on 18 August 2016

Whether we do any other Sadhana or not, Shravanam, just listening to the glory of the Lord can take us to liberation. But unfortunately not many enjoy listening to good things. A true devotee who loves God would always love listening to the glories of the God and nothing else. But having taken birth in this Yuga, where unfortunately whatever you listen to is only worldly, there is very limited opportunity for devotees to listen to the glory of God.

To attain liberation, it is very important to have the company of the noble because only in good company you come across good things. If you change the company, you will change and if you have changed, your company will also change. Idle curiosity is no good. If you must have, have ideal curiosity not idle curiosity.

The nature of the worldly is that even if the best of the things are told to them – by listening to which one can get liberated – they will not enjoy such good things. They will go back to their worldly slush, which is full of sorrow and despair. They come to temples but they do not benefit because they have not found the taste of the Ramanama.  It is Bhavaroga – this disease of the world – that does not allow us to enjoy the beauty, the sweetness of the nectarine name and the glory of the Lord.

If your mind, despite the coolness of this Ashram, is still heated, wavering, wandering and restless, then you have to point towards yourself and ask: How can I get rid of this disease? Why am I not enjoying this nectarine bliss of good company, God’s name and noble words? It is because the mind has impurities.

Shravanam – listening to the glory of the Lord on a continuous basis can help us get rid of our worldly fever. Even if at the beginning it tastes bitter to you because of your old habits, never give up. After all, all medicines do taste bitter but they are good for us.

In this ocean of the world, this is an island of Ashram. How long would the bird fly around restlessly? There is no rest in the world. However long you may fly, however far you may go, ultimately you must return to this island. For the real rest, Ashraya, lies in Ashrama. Ashrama is the place where there is no Shrama, no effort. Only when we act with love, we do not feel any pain or effort. A mother is never tired of looking after the child because of the Prema or love. She therefore does not understand anything about Shrama or effort.

Lead such effortless lives because of the love that you have developed within yourself. This love for God alone will make you understand the taste of God’s name. If you are unable to taste it correctly now, work on yourself to cleanse yourself of all the worldliness in order to enjoy it correctly.