Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Love is the essence of all religions – Summary of Divine Discourse on 25 May, 2016

All of creation has emerged from Truth and ultimately will merge back into Truth. There is no place in this universe, which is not impacted by Truth. If you recognise, experience and realise that Truth, you will know that it is nothing but absolute purity, which is within yourself.

In every religion, Truth is one and the same. Every human being is the embodiment of the atma, he or she is not just a human. What exactly is this Truth? Truth is that which will never change; it is changeless. The body is always changing; therefore, it cannot be the Truth. The mind also changes with time, place and circumstances and hence is not the Truth. Then, what is Truth? It is nothing but the all-pervading atma, which is ever pure, ever blissful and ever living. Just because we are not able to perceive the atma, if we think that atma is not there, it is a sign of ignorance. How can we know that the atmic reality is there in everyone? Only by experiencing it ourselves can we realise that.

Every religion teaches us how we can realise our own divinity. If you want to experience the atmic divinity within yourself through you mind, it is not possible. Only through the pure love in our hearts can we experience our own divinity. Pure love is nothing but devotion. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Love knows only giving, it will never receive anything. What is the essence of all religions? It is nothing but love. If you base your life on the practice of love, you will definitely reach the ultimate destination. For all human relationships, all religions, it is love that is the fundamental basis. Love in word is Truth. Love in our practice becomes Dharma, Righteousness. Love in feeling is Peace. Love in understanding is Non Violence. Therefore, love is the fundamental basis for everything. One who experiences this pure and selfless love, has understood the essence of all religions.

If you develop faith, you can achieve anything in life. Faith is the basis of all the religions. Only when you develop faith in the truth that you are the embodiment of love, you are the embodiment of the atma, you are the embodiment of the divine, you can derive the benefit of studying all the scriptures of all religions.

If you want to get rid of this fever of selfishness, there are two things required: the medicine of love and the diet of service. Service will not be service if you don’t have love. If there is no service in love, it is not love. They are the two faces of the same coin. This coin of human life will have value only if it has love on one side and service on the other side. If you develop love and do service, you can get rid of this disease of bhavaroga (selfishness) and attain divinity.

When I say that there is only one religion – the religion of love – I am not negating other religions, I am telling you that love is the essence of all religions. We have to attain our divinity – that is the ultimate goal of life. That is the essence of all religions. That is the unity and harmony of all religions.