Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Only with Guru’s grace you can realise your own divinity. How to earn that grace? – Divine Discourse Summary – Guru Purnima Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – July 16, 2019

This body is a temple of God and the one who dwells within is the Divine Himself. To know that you are Divine and to see the Divinity in everything, everywhere in all, is the purpose of life. Anything else is sheer waste. Anyone who puts even a little effort on this path to realise these truths in one’s own life never fails. Even a little bit of effort on this path here in this world never meets with failure. There are no opposite response to this. There is only good results of this. And anybody who realises this truth even to a little extent is freed of all the fears that exist because of ignorance. It is the role of the Guru to guide the soul, the Jivatma towards Paramatma, to guide him from Asat to Sat, from Mrityu to Amrutam. The one who does this leads the mankind towards the path of God is the guru. And His grace is Krupa can make you realise your own Divinity. The only thing that you need to do is to earn that grace. 

How to earn that grace? If you love your guru intensely, so intensely, so very intensely that nothing matters to you other than what your guru says, what your guru wants, then you will earn His grace. Following the word of guru with all your might, with all your strength, with all intensity of all your being alone can help you win His grace and only that grace can help you realise your own Divinity. We have to practise every word of the Master in our daily lives, put in effort to realise the great truth and ultimately merge in that wonderful Divine bliss. 

What is actually happening now, what is going to happen you cannot understand through your mind. We have to understand it and experience it; that is the only way to know it. If one person can experience through realisation this great Divine truth, many people can emulate him and follow on his path. In the story of Sai Baba, what is happening today is a kind of Leela or Divine sport. We have to get rid of our ego and attachments and perversions. Then we will be able to easily understand what Sai is doing today in this world. When God comes down as man, it is not easy to understand Him. Even when man ascends to the level of God, we cannot understand it. There are two most wonderful amazing phenomena in the world – first is God coming down as man and second is man becoming God. All of you have seen the Divine form of the Avatar when He came down from Godhood. You are going to see a phase, a phenomenon when man is attaining that Divinity.