Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Out of the nine modes of worship, which mode is suitable for Swami’s students? – Divine Discourse Summary – Gratitude Function, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – February 17, 2019

You came as Shravanam, then you did Kirtanam, then SmaranamArchanamVandanamPadasevanamDasyam. Now SakhyamSakhyam means friendship with God. Friendship happens between equals only. Not greater not lesser. So you have to raise yourself in such a way that you become equals of God so that you can walk with God as friend, as equals. If you walk with God, you become God. After that? AtmanivedanamAtmanivedanam means Sayujyam, you merge in SaiHow rivers meet and merge into ocean, likewise you become the ocean. 

If you think God is with you, you are walking with God, you will never walk on the wrong path. So, you can never walk away from God. If you have to keep friendship with Swami, then like in any friendship, you have to listen to what the friend says. If you don’t listen to the friend, the friend will go. Swami will do everything that you like. You should not have any fear. When you are with Swami, He will take care of everything. Friendship means live with God. Later it will become live in God as you go from Sakhyam to Atmanivedanam. That is how it should be. Don’t change for the sake of others, to please others. You change only for God, to please God. Then everybody will be pleased. Live like that. Becoming good is one thing. To remain good always is another thing. To stay in that state of goodness all the time is more challenging that just becoming good once in a while. When you have finished living a life in a good way, then God will give a certificate, “Ah, this is My student. This is My Bhakta.” That is how God should say. That is the real certificate we get when you pass out from the world.

You will be great automatically if you are good. All great are not good. But all good are always great. If you are good students who come out, I know wherever you go, whatever you touch will turn into gold because of your goodness. Whichever profession, whichever studies, whichever part of the world you go, you will always be successful because you are good. So only good will attract God. So, if you are good, God will be with you. If God is with you, everything –Sri, Vijaya, Vibhuti Dhruva niti matir mama. Most important lesson you should have learnt is how to keep God with you always, how to be dear to God so that you can be near to God. You can always walk with God and always walk on the right path. That is the most important lesson you should have learnt in our institution.