Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

SAI is See Always Inside – Summary of Divine Discourse on 29 September 2016

In humans, the principle of the Atma is bound by the body through the mind. With the passage of time, changes take place in the body. And with change of situations, changes also take place in the mind. But the principle of the Atma is eternal and changeless. Atma is like the sun. The mind is like the moon; in fact, it is the Atma, which gives its light to the mind. The moon has no light of its own, it receives light from the sun and reflects it and therefore shines. Similarly, the mind has no light of its own and no life of its own. Atma has no name, no form and no attributes. When this Atma gets bound or gets into contact with the mind that is ever changing, you feel as though the Atma is getting tainted. Man is not this changing mind. He is not this body, which keeps changing all the time either. Man is none other than the attribute-less, formless, nameless Atma. That is why he got the title or the name ‘Child of Immortality’. But when his Atma gets into the body that is affected by the ever-changing mind and develops cravings for worldly desires, he loses his purity.

How can you purify this tainted nature? In the same way as impure water is purified, the polluted mind can also be purified and made pure like the Atma. If you want to do it, you need to take up some spiritual practice, Sadhana. What is Sadhana? The effort that you put, in order to achieve something you want to achieve, is Sadhana. It is only by our service to good people that you can cross over the ocean of Samsara. Only in good company, you get good thoughts. Only when you can put into practice what you listen to in good company or Satsang, can you achieve what you want to achieve. All actions should be undertaken to purifying the mind. Participate in Satsangs and Pujas but what is more important is there should be transformation within. Only when love, compassion, patience is developed, you will know that you are progressing towards Atma.

If you put the kind of opportunities you are getting now to good use and transform yourself, your life can find fulfilment. Otherwise all these programmes are a complete waste. Only when you put into practice what you listen to will real transformation happen. Practice is the most important thing. Take one good quality and practise it. If you practise one good quality, then all good qualities will follow. Your mind also should be fully engaged in this.

The meaning of the word ‘SAI’ is See Always Inside. It is not good enough if you say “I love Swami.” Or if you say, “I serve Swami”. Love Swami who is in everybody. Only when you develop such good qualities, you can really become the children of immortality. Integrate thought, word and deed. All things you can get again but this body you don’t get again and again. Develop purity in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Where there is purity, Divinity will come there. If there is purity inside, Divinity is also inside. All should become children of immortality.

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