Service is the way to find fulfillment in life – Divine Discourse Summary – May 04, 2017

Right from an ant to Brahma, the divine principle pervades all with its infinite and immortal and eternal nature, without any division. But man leads a miserable life because he does not recognise this truth; he thinks that this body and the world is permanent and therefore, is plunged in misery. If you ask the question “Why are we born in this world? What is it that we have to achieve in the world?” the right answer is God realisation or realisation of your own true self.

If you ask Me the question, “What is the reason for all the calamities and miseries in the world?” I would answer, “It is because of selfishness, which arises out of ignorance.”

Pursuing the pleasures of the world, man is ruining his life. Man is misusing and wasting such a precious gift of human life. But our students and our devotees are not like that.  My mission is to train up such men and women, who go out to the society and serve, relieving people of their misery. All this is possible only when we recognise the truth that there is only one God, and He resides in everyone and that you are also that Divine. We have to get rid of the narrow-mindedness that only some people belong to us, and others do not. Everybody belongs to us. The whole world is one family. Everyone is a limb of God. When we see this unity and oneness in everyone, we will be able to do this.

Swami had declared “It is My love that I want to relieve the poor and the downtrodden of their suffering by giving them what they lack.”  In My mission, there are three things which are important. What are those things?

It is My pledge that I will shower divine bliss on the whole of mankind and safeguard them.

It is My vow that I will hold of the hands of those people who move away from the path of righteousness and bring them back to the right path.

It is My love that I will get rid of the sufferings of the poor people by giving them what they don’t have.  

Since My advent, from the day one till now, I have been doing this. My mission will never stop. Whatever anybody may do, it is not going to stop. Whether I am in the body, without the body or any other body, My mission will always continue because of the power of selfless love.

If you participate in this mission, you will find fulfilment in your lives. It is not that you are going to help Me in any way; nobody can help Me or detract Me. Without ego, arrogance and attachment, we have to get into the life of service with the realisation of the truth that we are going to find fulfilment in our lives if we do this.