Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Serving others is the easiest way to God – Divine Discourse Summary – August 19, 2017

God will come to you as people who are sick, who are needy, who are poor and if at that moment you go and serve God in those who are in need, then you have truly served God. The four steps that have been declared in our Shastra define this very clearly. Salokyam – you come to the abode of God; Sameepyam – by servitude you become nearer to God; Sarupyam – you start becoming like God, you look like God; Sayujyam – finally you merge in God. Seva will bring you all the way till Sayujyam. That is the merging with the Lord. Do not have fear. Fearlessly and selflessly you must go ahead and serve. By that only you will be able to reach Swami, you will become Swami and finally merge in Swami. 

Where there is love, you don’t feel tiredness or effort. If there is tiredness, it means there is no love. Love gives immense strength. You will never get tired. Love’s energy is so powerful. You can go on and on and on. Selflessness is the quality, the Guna of the entire creation. God to Nature to man, everybody should follow this path of selfless love. Unity is very important when you are serving. The one who cuts the vegetable, the one who boils it, the one who cooks it, serves it, all of them have to work in unity. Then only the food will be tasty and everybody will enjoy the food. The way to assess whether you are growing well in service is by the humility you develop. The more you are serving in the right way, the more humble you will become. The more you serve, the more you become like Me, the more humility should come, the more compassion should come, more patience should come.

Ultimately, we are all meant for service. This body is meant for service. We must be of use to others. As long as you are of use to others, definitely we should live our lives. Look after yourselves, do everything so that you are in good shape, good health – of both body and mind in order to be of service to others. Be happy. Prasanna chitta. Always have a pleasant feeling, pleasant heart. Always be happy. Those who serve, they are always smiling. Only those who do not serve and lead selfish lives, go through sorrow. Those who lead selfless lives, they are always smiling. Ultimately, they reach Me. You follow the teachings, you be happy. Not for My happiness. It is for your happiness that you should do. Take every opportunity of service. Don’t miss any. Think it is worth in gold, don’t drop any opportunities to serve.