Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Only through selfless service, you will attain Nirvana or liberation – Summary Divine Discourse on 19 November 2016 – Morning Session

Today when you look around in the world,you find only restlessness. There is no peace and no joy. Today’s men and women are filled with only selfishness and self-interest and struggle all the time to achieve their selfish goals. Due to selfishness, they think only of themselves and don’t think of the welfare of others.  Food, sleep, fear and procreation are common both to animals and human beings. The only difference between animals and humans is selfless love. Any human being without selfless love is worse than an animal.

We have organised this Youth Meet with the sole motive of bringing back the lofty principles of righteousness, love and peace back into the world. Only when you develop selfless love in your hearts, you can reap the benefits of peace. Yesterday all the youth and students went to serve in the villages. While serving villagers, they offered them food and clothing but because of the love that pervaded the atmosphere, they could also experience joy and peace in their hearts.

God has gifted this body to us in order to help and serve others. If you involve yourself in service, what is that you are going to gain? You will be able to mend the senses. In order to sublimate, in order to purify the senses, selfless service is very important. Senses all the time go outwards. The senses always go after the various pleasures of sound, touch, taste and fragrance. When you turn the senses, which go outward, inward into yourself, that is ‘mend the senses’. Because of lack of control on the senses, men and women subject themselves to great miseries and difficulties.

If you want to get over this danger, the only way is to control the five senses, which go outward. But how? Only way to control the senses is to take the mind inward from the outward pleasures to the inner joy and bliss of Divinity within. It is when you experience the joy and bliss of devotion to God that all other things become tasteless. Therefore, in order to control the senses, it is necessary to fill our hearts with devotion to God. When you do all this, eventually the mind ends.

What is mind? Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. When you have pure thoughts, you have a pure mind. When you have impure thoughts, you have an impure mind. When you fill your mind with the feelings of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, it becomes impure. Instead of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, if we develop the broad-mindedness of ‘me’ and ‘ours’, then it becomes a pure mind. Man is worried about the future and becomes absolutely selfish. When one becomes selfish, he will criticise, trouble and harm others. It is very important to have contentment and true happiness. When you have the faith that God has given me enough for today and tomorrow and He is going to give me enough, you will not become selfish. You will then be able to serve others selflessly. When you involve yourselves in selfless activities, that is bend the body, then comes mend the senses and end the mind ultimately. The inner significance of this particular theme is that only through selfless service, you will attain Nirvana or liberation.