Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Skill knowledge by putting it into practice – Summary Divine Discourse on 21 November 2016 – Evening

Reading and writing will only bestow upon us bookish knowledge – that is not true wisdom. Just knowledge is not enough; you have to add skill to the knowledge. We have to put that knowledge into practice. Only when we practise our knowledge, we can truly understand the inner significance of that knowledge. When you practise knowledge with skill, it leads to balance in your life.Today youth are getting into depression. There is no balance in their lives. When somebody praises them, they exult and bloat. When they face difficulties, or they are criticized, they get into despair and depression.They have not attained equanimity of mind and are vacillating between success and failure, pain and gain. If you want to attain balance in life, it is very important that you develop devotion to God. You have to believe that God exists. God will protect you. He will look after you. He will safeguard you andyou have to experience this by putting all this into practice.

When you decide to put into practise some of Swami’s teachings, you will face tests. “Love all, Serve all” – all of us know.  But are we putting that into practice? It is easy to love those who love us. The true divine love is to love those who hate you, who do not love you. For that we have to put in Sadhana or effort. What is this Sadhana? Sadhana is to put into practice what Swami wants us to do. Use discrimination. Before you think, before you speak, before you act, think whether this will take you nearer to God, or take you far away from God. What is Punya or merit? That which takes you nearer to God is Punya or merit. How do you know that you are getting nearer to God? When you put into practice God’s teachings, you will get peace of mind and that is the indication you are getting nearer to God.

When we are putting in spiritual effort, we should know whether we are getting peace of mind. We have to also discriminate whether ego and attachments are decreasing. Only when you think of all this, do this introspection, you will know whether you are on the right path or not. Also when you see that your ego is on the rise, attachments are on the rise, you are becoming more and more confused and restless, you should know that you are moving far away from God. Nobody else can tell you what is happening within you. You should experience, you should know about it. Therefore, run away from bad company, get into good company, day and night involve yourself in good deeds, all the time think what is permanent and what is temporary.

Food in the tiffin carrier may seem heavy. However, after eating it, the tiffin carrier becomes light and you become strong. Similarly, in our journey of life, knowledge that you just keep outside is not going to help you, it will be burdensome. Just like the food that you are carrying gets spoilt if you don’t eat it in time, knowledge, which we learn without putting into practice, rots after sometime. This is because you are killing knowledgeand not skilling knowledge. Practicing it in the right way is very important.  What is good, what is helpful to you, what is divine you have to keep it with you. Other things you have to throw away. If you don’t use discrimination, all that you have learnt, all the knowledge will get mixed up and create confusion in your mind.

Whatever may be our difficulties, all the time we have to help others and serve others. Don’t struggle for sensual and worldly pleasures. This time is very precious in your lives. Once you lose it, you will never get it back. Putting the time to good use is very important.Not only in one region or one nation, you have to give happiness to everybody in every nation, all around the globe. Love is theory and service is practice. If you don’t practise in service, then you don’t know the value of love.