Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Serve God selflessly and become immortal – Summary Divine Discourse on 27th October 2016

As long as you have the body, you have a father, mother, brothers, sisters and children. But once the body is gone, all these relationships will vanish. Similarly, when the mind is filled with love, you think that a particular person is your friend. And when the same mind develops hatred for that person, he becomes your enemy. Therefore, all relationships developed on the basis of body and mind are temporary. Only when man can recognise within himself, his immortality in Divinity to some extent, can he experience it. Wealth, youth, all relationships come and go. That is why this world is called Jagat. They come and go. But only two things are permanent and eternal in this world. One, Truth and second, good name.

What is Truth? Your own real nature is the Truth. This Truth will never change depending on place, time and circumstances. Only when you recognise the Eternal Truth that Atma is, you can attain a good name and reputation. And only when we offer all our activities in pursuit of this immortality to God, do our activities also become immortal.

A few days back, Dwarakanath, who had offered himself completely and rendered absolutely selfless service in Swami’s mission merged in Swami’s Lotus Feet. Dwarakanath as a boy was born in the Hassan district. But he came here, to Muddenahalli, and served for thirty long years. When Swami came to Muddenahalli and started residing here and establishing new educational institutions, following Swami’s command he sacrificed everything and went to a place called Gulbarga. When he went there for the first time, there was nothing but a hillock. When Swami asked him, “What do you want?” he said, “Swami, you have given me this great good fortune to serve You. I don’t want anything else. I don’t have any desires and expectations except to serve You till the last breath and find fulfilment in my life.” Even earlier, there were three instances when could have lost his life but Swami protected him. He had a desire in his mind – “Swami is building schools and campuses in Gulbarga, Bijapur, Jaypura and Mandya. But He is not building one in my native district”. So, last year, around the same time, when Swami called him and told him, “You have rendered great selfless service. We are going to start a new campus in your district with the name Sathyaniketanam”, he was overjoyed. I wanted to start the campus within a short span of time for Dwarakanath’s sake. With great happiness, he went to his district, found the land and got all the permissions required for construction. Within four months, he got the construction completed and the school was opened.

He started the school with 73 students and about 10 teachers. Whatever work I gave him, he never said that it wasn’t possible. He would mingle with all the labourers and toiled hard physically. He never had the sense of differentiation and didn’t care whether it was day or night. He just worked incessantly all the time and completed all the tasks given to him. When his final moment came, he prayed to Me, “Swami, I wanted to do much more. I have lost the opportunity of your service. Kindly grant me more opportunities.” I promised him that in the next life, he will come back to Me and have great opportunities of serving Me.

Birth and death are always together. They are like the two wheels of the chariot. If one of them is lost, the creation would come to a stop. The body comes and goes. Life comes and goes. What is important is why we are living, what is the purpose of our life, what are we doing? Our good activities will remain immortally. The Sathyaniketanam campus in Hassan where he was born, one of the blocks, buildings in the school will be named Dwarakanath block. It is My Sankalpa that we are going to establish, install a marble idol of Dwarakanath in the Hassan campus. We are doing to do it in order to demonstrate an ideal for the students.

All your bodies are Mine. Your hands are My hands. Your legs are My legs. Everything that belongs to you, belongs to Me. God is praised as the one with thousands of heads, thousands of hands and thousands of feet. The inner significance of this statement is to say that all the forms and names that exist in the world belong to God. The body is given to us in order to pursue the path of Dharma. The whole world is our family. Everybody belongs to us. Everybody should be happy. Let everybody in the world be happy. The students should be inspired by such examples and practise this principle of selfless service in their lives. The leaders should first become servants. Only when you follow in service, can you lead. I am not grieving over one Dwarakanath. I have confidence that I have many Dwarakanaths with Me. It is My belief that the students who are trained and educated by him will follow his ideals and demonstrate them in their lives.