Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Devotion stands supreme over all other qualities – Summary Divine Discourse on 7 October 2016

Just like sweetness is the basis of all sweets or sugar-based preparations, divinity is the basis of all the variety we see in the world around. To look at, we may be similar or different. But when we experience the divine self, we will know the underlying unity in diversity. Until we have tasted divinity within ourselves (through our experience), we will not be able to understand what it is, no matter how much we listen, talk or think about it. It is only in experience that one understands the inner Truth.

Divinity is changeless. The body and mind keep changing according to time and circumstances, as they are not divinity. But man associates oneself with the body and mind and considers himself as this body. And as the body vanishes with time and the mind keeps changing its forms, he is always with fear and full of sorrow. But in such times, a guru appears and makes the person, who is full of ignorance, realise his or her true nature and thereby gives him or her freedom from such illusory fear. Once the person realises that he is none other than the indestructible, ever present, pure, free, without any malice, the true Atman principle, he is free from all kinds of bondages and fears. Divine or God, who resides in all as the Atmatatva is the one who does everything through all of us. We are mere puppets in the hands of the puppeteer, the Divine. Our duty is limited to doing the role that has been given to us to the satisfaction of the director.

Satpravartana – good conduct, Sadbuddhi – good thinking, Satyanirati – truthfulness, Bhakti – devotion, Kamashikshane – discipline, Kartavyapalanam  – dutifulness are the six qualities that a student must acquire while studying in our educational institutions or for that matter anywhere. But out of these six qualities, devotion stands supreme.  If you have Bhakti or devotion to the Lord and you want to please God by all your thought, words and actions, all the other good qualities will follow by themselves.  In Bhakti there is Shakti, there is Yukti, there is Mukti. All are inside the seed of Bhakti. From this seed of Bhakti, the tree of Shakti, the branches of Yukti, the fruits of Mukti come out. The soil of the heart must be freed from weeds and that is where the seed of devotion must be sown. This one quality alone can protect you at all times wherever you are.

Knowledge is the first and foremost thing that must be imparted to students. I consistently insist on practice. If somebody thinks: What is Sai Baba got to do even now after having already done so much during His time – earlier phase. This is what He is doing. In times to come, all these children will be messengers of peace, love, and human values to the entire world. They will take this Sanatana Samskruti of Divinity as the basis of the entire existence to the corners of the world and propagate it. Unless you water the roots of devotion to God, the tree of the world will not prosper. One lamp is enough. If we light one lamp, we can light thousands of them. And likewise, we can conquer the darkness of ignorance in this world. This is the solution to all the issues, all the problems, all the difficulties that the world is facing. Slowly, steadily, I will achieve it through you all.

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