Develop firm faith in God first – Summary of Divine Discourse on 7th February, 2016

If you want to experience God, first and foremost, you have to firm up your faith that God truly exists. Where is He? He is within me. He is there wherever you look for Him. He pervades everything inside and outside the entire universe. When you think, “How can Swami be with me? How can He come to my home?” naturally Swami will not come there.

A person with doubt will ruin himself: it is a dual mind. Dual mind is half blind. It is not good enough to say that God is with me; you should have firm faith and experience that truth. Devotees keep giving tests to God again and again. Only if this happens this way in this place at this time, You are there; otherwise You are not there. I need not have to demonstrate My Presence by passing your tests; I do know I am everywhere. Truth is the testimony to Truth; atma is the testimony to atma. With some kind of narrow and mean-mindedness, you keep giving tests to Me; it is dangerous for you and not for Me. But we should not behave with God in a very mean-minded way. Because the ocean is having salt water in order to test that, you need not have to drink the whole of the ocean. One drop of ocean water will tell you that it is salty. When you have that faith, automatically you will get the experience of God. Whatever you do, wherever you do, whatever time – you offer everything to God. At all places, at all times, always think of God.

Every thought, every word, every action should be offered to God with love. Whether you give Me a fruit or a leaf or a drop of water, anything you give, you give with devotion, then I will accept it. With God, only devotion works and not tricks. Call Me with devotion; that moment, wherever you are, I will manifest there. All names and forms are Mine; I am in every form. Nobody can say at what point of time what I will take to manifest. But in whatever form God comes to you, the heart will immediately recognise it.

When mind comes between your heart and God, you will never be able to recognise His presence. The mind can never ever imagine or comprehend God. To think that I can understand God is the biggest lie. You cannot understand God, you cannot fathom God; you can only experience and enjoy God. That experience happens in the heart, not through the mind. The mind is always with the five senses and God is beyond the senses, beyond the attributes. One who transcends the mind, how can you understand Him through the mind? Only through the heart, we can experience and enjoy. Do not follow the body; body is a water bubble. The body always hankers after sensual pleasures and not for God. Do not follow the mind; mind is a mad monkey. Follow the heart because God is present ever in the heart!

These are the two principles we have to understand and practise: one is offering all our actions to God and the second, giving up the desire for the rewards of the action. Therefore, develop that faith, offer your every activity to God, and whatever comes later out of your activity, accept it as the gift of God.

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