Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Teachers are the soul of an educational institution – Summary of Divine Discourse on 04 September 2016 (Morning)

Truth is our morality and righteousness is our way of life – by following these two values, we have attained great fame and name in the world. Educational institutions today, only teach the mind, the intellect and the body and completely ignore the spirit or the Atma. Because there is no love for God, there is no fear of sin. Where there is no fear of sin, there cannot be any morality in society.  Therefore, education, which does not teach love for God, is no education at all. Of all kinds of education, spiritual education is the highest.

Madiyal Narayan Bhat very selflessly prayed for the proliferation of these kinds of educational institutions and in response to his prayers, all this work is happening today.  Similarly, the Minister for Higher Education very selflessly prayed for establishing an educational campus in his district of Koppal. Very soon, it will be done by Swami. Three agencies – the government, society and institutions like this – need to join hands. And with the synthesis and combination of these three agencies, we can achieve everything. My students are the basis of My courage. If all of you get together selflessly and decide with courage that you want to achieve great things in the service of society, there is no limit for our achievements; we can achieve anything.

An educational institution is not just a building. The soul of an educational institution lies in its teachers. We have started and established Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence in order to get together such young people and train them as teachers. Good teachers plus good students is equal to a good nation. It is highly essential and important that we create good teachers. Who is a true Acharya or a true teacher? One who teaches values to a student by demonstrating these values in his life and not by merely speaking about them is a true teacher. I am ready to build any number of schools. However, before we build schools and colleges, we need to build institutions for teachers.  We have established Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence with the purpose of creating great teachers. We already have a Centre for Human Excellence at Muddenahalli. We are now going to start one for girls in the Chikkaballapur district and one for boys in the Dakshin Kannada district in Alike.

If one student is spoilt, only one is spoilt. But a bad teacher can spoil a whole institution. Therefore, first and foremost, we have to build a category of dedicated teachers. Only then can we build great institutions. A teacher’s job is a very honourable. Without good teachers, the nation cannot become good and prosperous.

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