Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

The birth of which quality in students, will transform society for good? – Divine Discourse Summary – First Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Gulbarga – June 02, 2019

This is what I expect from our students that their hearts should melt at the suffering of others, their heads should always think of the welfare of others and their hands should always be acting in the service of others. Many things are happening in the society today, many projects are being undertaken, many investments are made in the field of technological advancement, but truth is that investment in education is the best investment. To remove the darkness of ignorance from the lives of many, by lighting this lamp of knowledge, true wisdom should be the way of our students. The teachers here are working very hard, they are striving very hard, with great sincerity, to impart the right kind of education to these children. To them also, My blessings and also gratitude that they have understood what is there in My heart and doing their best to make sure that this vision turns into reality.  

The devotees who have left no stone unturned in supporting the cause of free education, to ensure that whatever is required for the institution, it arrives on time every time and nothing stops here, it goes on and on. When we were in Germany, somebody asked, what is the right solution to all the problems in the world. Is there one solution to all the problems? And I said, yes, give right kind of education to all the children in the world; problems will be solved. It is a combination of the knowledge of the world as well as spiritual knowledge which makes human beings better human beings with compassion in their heart, with welfare of people in their minds and acting in the service of others through their hands, that is the right kind of education. But also, it is important that the right kind of education is imparted to the right kind of children. What do I mean by that? When you go and take this education to the doorstep of the poor and the rural children, they develop gratitude. They develop gratitude that somebody cared for them. The society bothered about their problems. And when they grow up, they grow up with this seed of gratitude within them which grows into a tree of service. So, when you give it to the rural, the poor, the real needy and deserving, then they carry a lot of gratitude in their hearts and that gratitude will transform them and transform the society through them thereafter. According to Me, the value to the education comes only when it is not being charged. That is our ancient country’s culture. Education was never sold and bought. We are working for a great noble cause. Be mindful of this every moment. As long as we remain selfless and steady in our pursuit, all the success will be ours.