Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

The role of Teachers in the upkeep of Indian Culture – Divine Discourse Summary – May 26, 2017 (Morning)

‘Bharata’ means one who revels in the Divine joy of God. God does not have any form, He does not have any limitation of space, time and causation.He is the eternal one without birth and death; He is the ancient one, does not have a beginning, does not have an end, does not have anything called middle; neither born, nor dies and in the form of the Atma, He resides in every being. 

The basis of Indian culture is love for God. Religions are like different schools but the teachings of all religions are one and the same. Their prayers and procedures may be different, their dresses and apparel might be different, their languages may be different, but only one thing is taught – that is about the Divine principle. In Indian culture, based on this truth of unity of all existence, it was explained in  spoke in different ways saying “I am one, I have become many,” “There is only one truth. The same truth is expounded differently by different scholars.”

Only when you teach children about this truth, they will develop true self confidence. Atma Vishwasa means confidence in the self. When a student thinks that he is only the body-mind complex along with intelligence, he will never develop this kind of confidence because the body and mind keep changing depending on time and space. Only when we believe and develop faith in the Divine principle, which is ourselves, we will really develop self confidence. 

For Indian culture, there are three fundamentals which we should know. The first is love for God, the second is fear of sin, and third is morality in society. If you want to really develop inherent moral strength, then faith in God is very important. When we don’t have faith in God and also the faith that it is God then naturally our life will become a tragedy. If you have to develop the broad-mindedness that everybody belongs to us, we need to fundamentally have faith in God.

If we have to get rid of selfishness from our hearts and develop selflessness, the right kind of education is very important. Only if you yourself practise that kind of selflessness and manifest selfless and pure love, children will easily learn from you. As the teachers conduct ourselves, so will the children. The responsibility of reviving Indian culture in Indian children squarely lies upon only teachers. A good nation is nothing but good students plus good teachers.