Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

The True Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami – Summary of Divine Discourse on 25 August 2016

The word ‘Krishna’ has three inner meanings. One, what attracts us, that is the Krishna principle; second, that which ploughs or tills is Krishna; third, that which delights us is Krishna.

That principle which attracts everyone is the Krishna principle. The whole universe operates on the basis of this law of gravitation or power of attraction. The power of attraction is not to be seen only in the materials but in living beings also. Only when we develop this principle of love in us, we can attract other people with that love. It is actually the principle of love, which makes the whole universe go around. The sun demonstrates this by giving its light selflessly and nourishing all life in the universe. Rivers flow in order to help others; they do not drink their own water. Cows don’t drink their own milk. Only when we recognise the truth that God has given us this human birth in order to help others, we can understand the principle of love. So many people come to Swami because they want to experience the divine love of Swami. Where there is divine love, there is the magnetic power of attraction. The day when such love is born in our hearts is Krishna’s birthday.

The second meaning is that which cultivates or ploughs or tills is Krishna. We are using the bullocks of three qualities of Satva, Rajas and Tamas and we are tilling this land of heart. We have to have the whip of discrimination and then plough the land of this heart. Only when we develop our sense of discrimination, we can follow the path of Sathya and Dharma, truth and righteousness. You can understand the principle of Krishna – cultivating our heart – only when you get rid of the weeds of evil qualities and cultivate the crop of good qualities such as truth, love, peace and righteousness. A human heart, which is bereft of love is like a desert without any water and to cultivate that kind of land is impossible.

The third principle – when we do the first two, we will naturally experience joy and bliss. The Krishna principle or the Nandabala, the son of Nanda, is none other than Anandabala, who is the child of bliss.

Krishna gave the promise to the world: When devotees think of Krishna all the time, incessantly without thinking of anything else, He will look after the welfare of such devotees, Yogakshema. But devotees don’t understand the pre-condition and want only the reward. That is not possible. When you do both – love Krishna and serve Krishna – then you will reach the goal. 

Therefore, only when we develop this power of attraction of love in our hearts, cultivate our hearts and reap the fruits of love and bliss, we can experience divine joy. Where there is love, there is Krishna. When all these three things happen that is the birthday of Krishna.