To attain God, put His teachings into practice – Summary of Divine Discourse on 27 March, 2016

 In our day-to-day life, we spend every day troubled by many worries and problems. We should recognise that the law of karma is inevitable and everybody has to experience the consequences of their actions. Good actions will lead to good results and bad actions naturally lead to bad results.

The thoughts in our mind are the basis of all our actions. Suppose, we wish to develop only pure feelings and thoughts and do only pure actions and get pure results, what should we do? First and foremost, it is necessary we get into good company and listen to good things. That is why our scriptures declare that satsang or good company is very, very important. What we see, listen, experience – everything goes into our subconscious.

There are three kinds of devotees here. The first, listen with one ear and it goes out through the other ear. The second, listen through the ear and they speak out through the tongue. The third, listen and preserve and treasure the teachings in their hearts and practise. The best of the devotees are those who listen, understand, contemplate and practise.

After listening to the discourse, you go back to your places, get into usual gossips and forget the good things heard here. It is not just chewing, you have to eat and digest too. You may chew the food and spit it out; then how can you satisfy your hunger? Wherever I go, every week I keep giving these discourses. It is one Truth, I teach in different ways. Even one teaching if you understand properly and practise, it will give you lot of benefit. It is not that every time we have to come here and listen; you can have satsangs in your own places, you can discuss what Swami said and how to practice it.

I don’t want to speak much. For many, many years, I have been speaking. I need good students. Who is a good student? I want a good student who listens, does his homework and if he gets a doubt, he can come to Me, ask and clear the doubts and continue to practise. If you don’t do homework, you will not understand it. Exams come. Everybody will have to face difficulties and adversities. But if we have devotion, it will stand us in good stead during such times. When you succeed, don’t exult, don’t feel arrogant or proud. Instead think that it is a gift of God. Similarly, when you meet with failure, look at it too positively. Think of it as a gift of God and don’t get depressed.

What is important is not how long you have stayed in the proximity of the Divine; what is important is what benefits you have derived? How much you have learnt? I am not different from My Word. If you listen to My Word and practise, definitely you will attain Me. Therefore, all of you, first thing is, practise, practise, practise. Without practice, it is all waste of time.