Ugadi message: Realise your divinity, constantly contemplate upon God – Summary of Divine Discourse on 08 April, 2016

What is the meaning of saying God incarnates on earth? With love and compassion for human beings, God comes down to their level. Individual consciousness and Divine consciousness are juxtaposed in the personality of the avatar. If you think an avatar is only one name and one form, it is a mistake. An actor acts in many dramas, at one time he dons the role of a king, on another occasion he plays the role of a beggar or a pauper, in one he is a householder and in yet another drama he is a sanyasi or a hermit. But each of the roles does not depict the true nature of the actor. Likewise, the same Divinity takes the forms of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Sai Baba. But for you to think that He is only a particular individual is your ignorance. The role may have a beginning, end and a middle portion on the stage, but the actor really does not end after He leaves the stage. It is only when you recognize this truth behind Divine incarnations, will you be able to understand Sai Baba to some extent. This world is limited by place, time and circumstances. Whoever comes into this world, it is highly essential that he or she should follow these three rules that govern time, place and causation.

Bhavaroga or the disease of the cycle of birth and death which is caused by ego and attachment can be gotten rid of only by taking the medicine of love and the diet of service. If you develop love and practice selfless service, you can definitely escape from the cycle of birth and death.

If you are not able to recognise and experience God, the mistake is not God’s. People with ego and attachment will never ever experience Divinity. Such people should get into good company, involve themselves in meritorious deeds and discriminate between what is temporary and what is permanent.

On this New Year day, it is a practice that we eat something which has all six kinds of tastes in it including the bitter. The tastes may be different but when all the six tastes get together in the Ugadi prasadam, it becomes pachadi. Even in our lives there will be good times, there will be bad times; but you should have an attitude of equanimity both in pain and pleasure. Thereby, you will be able to win over the grace of God. If you want to find fulfillment in the New Year, all you need to do is to recognise and realise your divinity, take both pain and pleasure as gifts of God, and love and serve everybody. For all evil, adversities and difficulties what is the cause? The cause is that you forget God. If you think of God at all times, at all places, you don’t have to grieve over anything. When you come across difficulties and pain, you have to think that this is a message sent by God to me. In this world of jagat, pleasure and pain, day and night come each after the other. ‘Ja-gat’ is what comes and goes. In times of success and happiness, we should be more humble because we should expect failure to come later and think of God all the time. When pain comes, we should not get depressed, we should be optimistic because pleasure is surely going to follow and even under these circumstances we should think of God.

I have been repeatedly telling you that I am not this body, I am the indweller. And today I have taken up this role and am running this drama of life. Only those who watch this drama patiently till the end will only recognize the truth. Those who get up and go away in the middle will think that itself is the truth. The coming times are really amazing. Just the good times coming is not good enough; we also need to conduct ourselves in a good way. Therefore, use this occasion well. The festival of Ugadi has brought you another opportunity to think of where we have gone wrong and where we can improve ourselves and here onwards spend every minute of this year in contemplating on God, in worshipping Him and in engaging in selfless love and service.

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