Vijaydashami – the conquest of the mind and senses – Summary of Divine Discourse on 01 October 2016

The whole of creation, including all the phenomena in creation, happen because of divine power. Since He is there in everyone, we say that His feet and hands are everywhere. His eyes and heads are everywhere because He pervades every being in the universe. This universe is nothing but His own form. God is not only in me, God is in everybody. And therefore everybody should lead a blissful life. His true nature is the Atma, which is there in every one of you. When you are enveloped with the qualities of Thamas, Rajas and Sattva, your light is dimmed. But God or the divine incarnation transcends all these three qualities. Only when you can go beyond the three qualities, can you have similar effulgence as the divine incarnation. 

Without giving up the Thamasic quality of inertia, you cannot realise the true principle. Without giving up the quality of passion, of Rajas, you cannot develop good devotion. Only the Sattvic, pure quality is responsible for developing devotion in you. We worship the Mother Goddess in the form of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. If you want to get rid of the Thamasic quality, you should worship Goddess Durga. Mahisha – the demon is symbolic of the buffalo. It is always lazy. This laziness is symbolic of the animal qualities in us, and all the wicked qualities of greed, jealousy. There are four things that are common to human beings and animals – food, sleep, procreation and a sense of fear. If we use all these things within limits, there is no problem. You need to worship God in order to know how you can keep them under a limit. Goddess Durga is the one who destroys animal qualities. When you get rid of these animal qualities, you can attain Rajasic qualities. When you worship Goddess Lakshmi, you get wisdom to involve yourselves in appropriate activities. When you have good intelligence, you will have good feelings, good words and good actions. If you want to develop good intelligence, you need to adore Goddess Saraswathi. Thus, we worship the Goddesses in these three ways. During this nine-day festival of Navaratri, we worship the Goddess for three days in the form of Durga, three days in the form of Lakshmi and another three days in the form of Saraswathi. Through Rajasic power, we have to get rid of Thamasic qualities. Through Sattvic qualities, we have to take control of the Rajasic qualities. Finally, we have to transcend all these three qualities and get nearer to the Atmic principle. Starting with animal qualities, we get into human qualities, then to the divine qualities.

Only when there is individual transformation, can there be world transformation. If everybody has to be happy, first and foremost, we should develop a good character. Mind is responsible for our bondage as well as liberation. Only when we conquer the mind and the senses, we can celebrate Vijayadashami. During the nine days of Navaratri, we have to get rid of Thamasic qualities by adoring Durga, by adoring Lakshmi, we have to see that Rajasic activity is the right kind of activity, by praying to Saraswathi we have to develop wisdom and on the final day of Vijayadashami, we have to celebrate the conquest over our own mind and senses. The true Yajna is internal. The effulgence of the Atma should shine forth in us. In the fire of the Atma, we have to sacrifice all our Thamasic and Rajasic qualities and become Sattvic. All ten days you must involve yourself in all divine thoughts, feelings and activities.

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